Amaryllis From Seed, HELP Germinating!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I need help germinating these seeds, I just got them online! Anyone got any advice?

Zephyrhills, FL

Josh,in this forum and several others you can search using "starting seeds,and get several different methods.
Currently , I am using styrofoam soup cups,with four small,evenly spaced holes cut in the sides, at the bottom. I have a mixture of 2/3 perlite, to one third spagnaum peat, in them. I set the cups in one inch of water,in a plastic container,with a cover, which is tall enough to allow some leaf growth. I have a flourescent lamp lying on top of that, 24 hours a day.
I start the seeds in tap water, in styrofoam cups, with the variety written on the sides, in pen,until the leaf goes up. Then, I open the soil mix with a table knife,place the root in,and water in the seedling,which gently puts the mix back around the root. I use strips of mniblinds, to write the names, in pencil, to stick in the cups. After the seedlings have acclimated to being in the mix,I take the cover partially off,then fully off, over a few days,still using the flourescent lamps.
When the seedlings have grown a large enough bulb, to recover from insect damage,and send up new leaves, I put them out side, under an oak tree.

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