Where can I find crinum latifolium?

Cayce, SC

Hi all,

Could someone please help me to find a place to buy crinum latifolium? I am finding this to grow in my garden and could not search for a store/place having this.

Thanks in advance!

Thumbnail by bongtron
Wakefield, RI

The Crinum you have pictured is not Crinum Latifolium. It is Crinum Ligulatum. Try Shields Gardens LTD. located in Westfield, Indiana. They have a large selection of unusual Amaryllis.

Cayce, SC

Thanks Cyclops.

Do you have a photo of Crinum Latifolium? I am finding and searching it for many days. If you know where I can find Crinum Latifolium, please let me know! Thank you!

Wakefield, RI

I do not have a photo. If you google crinum latifolium or visit Shields Gardens web site I think they may have a picture

Bangkok, Thailand

A search at www.seed-finder.com returned many sources........

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Don't know about your area, but here in UK these BULBS are becoming very popular, we can only grow them as indoor plants as we get too much wet weather and too cold winter. Try searching Bulb suppliers also, they are lovely and the sight of a huge clump of them growing in Florida made me realise what I was missing because we watched large Moths and night flying insects swarm to the White flowers that seem to glow in the dark. good luck. WeeNel.

Cayce, SC

Thanks all! I have ordered Crinum Latifolium already! It's amazing that after one year it started growing. I thought they died since last winter there was heavy snow in my area. Now I have four plants which are about 1 foot tall.

Davison, MI


Where did you order the Crinum Latifolium?

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