red-tailed hawk?

Campobello, SC(Zone 7a)

and the only reason I think red-tailed hawk is cause anything big, the answer always happens to be red-tailed hawk.
anyway, I have a pair of whatever this thing is that moved in yesterday morning. They are big and annoyingly noisy and no one seems happy they are here. Especially the mocking birds that are dive-bombing them every chance they get. No clue why they are here. The foxes that moved in several months ago cleared everything out already. Only thing left is the squirrels. Do these things eat squirrel?
Sorry on the quality. Taken at dawn. Wish I had my camera yesterday mid morning. He landed in a tree no more than 10 feet from me and we had a staring contest.

Thumbnail by DevilDogs
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Yep, Red-tailed Hawk. Yes, they do eat squirrels, though probably not a huge number.


(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Tastes like chicken.

Campobello, SC(Zone 7a)

Thanks Resin! Do these guys actually have a red tail? I'm going to try and get a better picture so I can see if I can find one.
We had rabbits covering our front yard every night at dusk till the foxes showed up. The hawks are about 6 months too late moving in.
Pirl, squirrel or hawk taste like chicken? LOL. My neighbors aren't going to be too happy. They have the only remaining few chickens left on our road after the foxes moved in. They tore my little coop apart on Mother's Day. They've been locking their chickens up 24/7 for months now. The coyotes moved in and chased the foxes away and then the coyotes took a couple of their chickens too before moving on. I'm sure they are going to think the hawks now are ready to pick up where the coyote left off.

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