Looking for bamboo........

(Zone 6a)

for my daughter and her man. They have a small pre-formed pond, and a very small patio/yard. They are looking for a start of bamboo to place in a large pot beside the pond. Anyone have a small clump or start of bamboo that they would part with for postage?

I'm just thrilled that the kids are into gardening!

Becky G.

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

I have bamboo. Looks like sasa veitchii, but not sure.
I am moving it this week. If you want some send me postage.
Will need at least $3.95 for 2lb box. If you want bigger clump send more postage. Could I send you SASE for you Hibicus and hollyhock, if they are seeds. If plants we
can trade even for bamboo.

(Zone 6a)

Thanks John! I sent you an e-mail. The kids will be thrilled!

Becky G.

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