Improvements needed on this website

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

1. Spellchecker needed in this program
2. Search feature needed
3. I'd like to have the capability to save certain clippings like over at Gardenweb, or email the clipping to my home email so I can print it out to add to my garden journal book.
4. Video tuitorial is needed to show how to use the features of DG.

Have I missed anything ? Probably somebody that is computer savy will post that we already have these features.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

A couple of the things you're looking for do exist
1. Most web browsers either have a spellchecker built in, or you can download one (so I doubt if they'd take the time to make a site-specific one)
2. There is a search feature in your journal--it's up in the right corner of the screen (same place the search is on all the pages here). You can also search other people's journals if you go to the page to view "other journals". The diary doesn't appear to have a search though.

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