Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)

Clyde, NC

Thumbnail by Mountainbeauty
Clyde, NC

I meant to explain the photo of the hawk. The photo was taken from our front door.
This beautiful hawk flew in and landed on a big branch of our Hickory tree. He had a perfect vantage point for surveying our front yard. I can tell you that the Chipmunks were calling to each other, and staying out of sight. He sat in our tree for several minutes, preening and looking around, then gracefully flew between the trees, and out of sight. What a privilege that was.

Marlton, NJ

Nice shot. They are wonderful to watch aren't they?

Clyde, NC

Thank you. Yes, we love them. We have had many opportunities to hear and see them.
It's such a surprise to be driving down the hill, and have this huge, beautiful hawk come
diving in front of us into the trees. We love the hawks.

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