Hi from Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

I just found the Welcome Mat. I discovered Daves Garden when I was trying to ID a bug and have been hooked ever since. I live in Chapel Hill, NC, transplanted here from Northern California three years ago. I have two acres of deciduous woods, to which I've added a pond and stream. Our new driveway, put in so our teenage son wouldn't be backing down our curved gravel driveway the first time he was driving, opened up a bunch of planting opportunities so I have been researching native plants, especially those that are wildlife friendly to everything but the deer. I figure only natives have a chance of surviving in my hard clay and rocks, in which it is impossible to dig more than small holes to add soil amendments. This is a great site, full of very knowledgeable and friendly folks. Thanks for all the help!

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

hello and welcome to daves garden from upstate new york. yes, this is a wonderful site and the people are very friendly.

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