New Berlin, WI

Just noticed this evening a very loud chorus of cicadas. Looking at the brood maps, it didn't look like we were expected to have a large infestation (SE WI). But, I swear this is one of the largest emergences I've heard.

Bensenville, IL(Zone 5a)

They've just started here too but not too bad, about normal. That's the point I know summer is winding down. I always have mixed feelings about that.

Watertown, WI(Zone 5a)

They're pretty quiet here. I've heard one or two, but that's about it.

I enjoy them when they first start their buzzsawing, but I quickly get tired of it. They always signal that the weather is hot, hot, hot...and I don't much care for the heat.

Bloomington, IN(Zone 6a)

Medinac, you are just a bit south of me (Des Plaines) and I agree they are normal this year. . . but the "normal" has always been too loud for me! My gosh, when I'm sitting under my maple on the patio and they're singing hot and heavy, it's enough to put a 1970's rock concert to shame! And I wonder when one of the seemingly thousands will fall on me. But, they never do, thank God. Forget reading out there. Along with the humidity and heat, I'm inside 'till fall.

Bensenville, IL(Zone 5a)

Kayly - I bet all your cicadas drowned with all the rain you've been getting up there huh??!!! Yep, that's when you know we're in the dog days of summer, when the cicadas start singing. Sherri, I'm with you, it's just been too humid outside to do much. I like the early mornings and then that's it. I've been inside taking a break inside with a/c and getting caught up on reading!

Nilwood, IL(Zone 5b)

Yeah I can't sit on my deck in the evening either. We have a heat advisory for the next 4 days but I have to get my 45 daylily seedlings in the ground even if I just do 2 or 3 a day. YIKES!! help. BEV

Watertown, WI(Zone 5a)

Medinac, there are still plenty of cicadas to go around if their noise is any indication. They were really sawing away at dusk tonight.

Bloomington, IN(Zone 6a)

There's a huge one that plastered itself to my kitchen window screen last night and stayed there for at least several hours. You wonder . . . what is going through his (or her) head? He must have something better to do than plaster himself to a screen and stay stock still for hours. (At least I wonder these things, but I'm a bit quirky!)

Bensenville, IL(Zone 5a)

Sherri - You're funny! Ah but we're all a bit quirky sometimes. I don't know about all of you but I remember being a kid and we had the 17 year one's come out. I remember so many of them flying through the air and into mine and my friend's hair. We looked like a crazy freaks flailing around trying to get them out! Yuck, that was least the last batch of 17 years ones didn't seem that bad.

Bloomington, IN(Zone 6a)

Oh, thank goodness we were living in Chicago proper at the time. I would freak out if even ONE of those dudes flew into my hair!! : )

Hobart, IN

They're very noisy here as well. Maybe the warmer temps encourage more vocalization? Seems the hotter it gets, the louder they get. They were quite noisy last night since the air temps were still in the 80's at 10 pm.

Verona, WI(Zone 4b)

I think they're noisier this year as well, but it might just be the ringing in my ears -- wierd.

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