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Seed buying for Wintersowing 2011

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Want to get ahead of the Wintersowing 2011 season? I mailed my seed order to Crosman Seed Co. last Saturday or Sunday and today is Wednesday and I've already got my seed order this morning. Talk about fast turn around! Here's what I ordered and the prices they charge per pkt. Dwaft fairy candytuft(mixed colors) and portulaca(double flowered mixed colors) 59 cents each, Persian Daisy(Robinson's Crimson) 69 cents, California Poppy(Mission Bells) and Bellamosum Delphinium 89 cents per pkt.. Back of seed pkt. states that they are packed for 2010 and can be sold until 12/2010. Guess that means the last day of Dec. I had great success with their seeds last year. Check out their online website.: There is a form to print off for your order. I printed the form off and mailed a personal check. Don't recall if you can place your order online or not and pay by credit card. Beats the rush come January, and assures you of having what you want.

Chantilly, VA

Thanks for the info, Pippi. I'm somewhat new to this gardening thing, but I am starting to enjoy it. We're in the same growing zone (I live in Chantilly, VA, near Dulles airport). When will you plant these seeds? Will they die back this winter and re-emerge in the spring? I have some holly hock seeds that I want to plant, but not sure when to do so. Thanks for your help!

Carmel, IN(Zone 5b)

I've purchased some seed ahead of time too, and was able to take advantage of a few sales. I've determined that aside from the need to have seed early for wintersowing, waiting til spring just is too hectic with everyone trying to order at once. Since most packets of seed last me a few years anyway, I don't mind ordering "last years" seed for next year's sowing. Thanks for the tip, Pippi.

Calgary, Canada

There are fewer disappointments in the fall, with some seeds being sold out in spring.
For some seeds (wildflowers) it is more economical to buy bulk packs. Share the extras with
others. We have seed swaps and Seedy Saturdays in Calgary so extra seeds are not a problem.

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Hollyhocks are biennials, meaning that they will bloom the second year after sowing, then die. However, they selfsow easily, though usually not the same color.

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