Do you do any Fall sowing?

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Somebody said they do some direct sowing in the Fall so that the plants have the winter to grow and hopefully will bloom in Spring 2011. One of those I plan to do is larkspur. What about you?

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Check out the WSing discussion links here. I believe someone in your area did sow larkspur.

Calgary, Canada

This week I am seeding lupins.
Will do larkspur a bit later.


New Milford, CT

I sowed some foxglove and the seedlings are about 2" tall. Hopefully they'll think that next summer is their second year and bloom for me.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Check out this guide to "growing perennials from seed." It sounds just like winter and fall sowing!

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Carrie, I just found this thread and checked out the Fine Gardening article you suggested. Excellent! And for those of us who start seeds, I also appreciated the "homemade"mix they suggested.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Hi, Emily! How are you? I haven't run into you recently.... I mean in the flesh.

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Hi Carrie--I'm good! Hope you are, as well.
I also found this on-line article from Horticulture Magazine. Larkspur is mentioned as well as several other plants as being a good candidate for fall sowing.

--Emily, who is starting to eye her growing collection of winter-sowing jugs with anticipation!

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