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Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

I am interested in your opinions and/or your experiences. It is time for my annual gyn exam. I needed to find a new ob/gyn, and I found a practice nearby and made an appointment for next week.

Yesterday, I received the usual questionnaire - you know the one where they ask health questions, but what they really want to know is how are you going to pay. That one.

On the cover letter, it read my appointment day and time with - Ms. so and so - a midwife.

Now, with all due respect, I may have a health issue, and I would like to see a doctor - not a midwife. These gals aren't even nurses. They are more like techs working under a physician. Today, I canceled the appointment. I will just make an appointment with my family physician and go from there.

What do you all think ?

Plano, TX

i did not have a mid wife but i did have a doctors assistant for a few years and loved her--she spent way more time, was more humble and easier to talk with--she did sometimes run things through with the doctor so i knew she didn't have an ego where she felt she had to do everything --
but i do think you have to do what YOU are comfortable with--

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

To be quite honest, I've found a few doctors who weren't worth the paper their degrees were on. When I was in ER last year, the doc was a total jerk and spent a total of 2 minutes talking with me in the 6 hrs I was in ER. Then I got a bill from him a couple weeks later--just his bill was $630! He ran a CT scan and didn't bother to look at, just informed me that radiologist didn't find anything. I was in terrible pain and still deal with that pain, and asked the doc to look at the scan and see if the radiologist missed something. He never came back to talk to me about it. I was furious when I got his outrageous bill for nothing!

I've never used a midwife, but if she is properly trained, I wouldn't have a problem with her. I see nurse practitioners frequently and they're often nicer and more informative than most of the doctors I've dealt with.

The determining factor is who you trust. I've seen and fired many doctors. I now have two docs that are wonderful and I hope they never die until after I do. LOL If I move away, I'd probably schedule trips home when I could make appointments with them.

Is the midwife working directly with your OB/GYN? If so, she is probably properly trained and you might actually like her better than your doc. Of course the doc is on hand should the midwife need to verify something. My endocrinologist used to have a young, new nurse in training and I saw her for half my visits (her one visit, him the next visit). She was usually able to answer all my questions and give me quite a bit info. If she couldn't, she'd go down the hall and ask him, and he might come in and chat a minute with me.

When they were trying to diagnose me, it was very interesting to listen to them hash it out in front of me--why it couldn't be this or that, but it might be this, no not this because this test came back normal, etc. It was like living an episode of "House". And as he was teaching her, he was also teaching me. A wonderful experience.

If the midwife is working closely with the gyne, are you sure she hasn't had proper training? With malpractice suits on the forefront of most physicians' minds, they try to hire well-informed, educated, and trained personnel. They may not have a formal college degree, but that doesn't mean they are ill-educated or trained. It might be an interesting experience.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

Education is the key - I agree with both of you. That is the problem. Midwives in Ohio can have training as techs, or two degrees of midwifery - BS and MS. The two degrees can only be obtained along with an BSN. The midwife assigned to me is a tech. And you are right - it all depends upon whom I am comfortable with.

I have also found since my last post, that insurance plans may not cover a midwife. Sometimes, doctors bill insurance by practice, so I would be paying for the physician's services, when he or she never saw me. But some insurances won't pay a practice in Ohio which has midwives.

Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Don't head over here often so I just saw this.
I had a Midwife for the birth of my last child in 1982. There were three of them in a practice with an overseeing Dr. The Dr was called in for any complications. They were at the Hosp and part of Maternity Dept at the Hosp. The Midwifes were always the same they didn't rotate but the Dr's did depending on who was on staff at the time. I never did see a Dr and the care I got was wonderful. But if I would have had complications at the time of birth there would have been a complete unknown taking care of me.
It's getting pretty common to get Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioners instead of the Dr. Many of them are very good and well trained but my daughter was misdiagnosed by one of them and because she was didn't get treated. By the time she went back and was seen by the Dr that took one look at her and knew exactly what was wrong it was too late to treat and she had several painful months that she wouldn't have had if diagnosed properly. That doesn't mean that another Dr couldn't have done the same thing but if she had seen her Dr it wouldn't have happened. On the other hand I have a very good Allergist and I really like him alot. For the last few years I have been seeing his PA and I like her even better. I casually brought up a problem I had been having and hadn't been able to find help with. My GP had diagnoised it but didn't know about the PT treatment that completely cured it in one session but she knew exactly what I was talking about and set up some Physical Therapy for me. I quite often ask her for suggestions for specialists when we need one and she always gives me the best referrals.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

HollyAnnS - Interesting history. Thanks for your comments. Your daughter's missed diagnosis is exactly what I am talking about. The fact that midwife education varies so much here in Ohio is the main reason I wish to see a physician. I don't expect a GP to know everything - that's why we have specialists. But a tech is not a specialist.

Anyway, I do hope you little daughter is fine now.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Oh yes it was a bit unusual a case of shingles in her early 20's. With shingles you only have a small window for treatment and if you miss it the virus has to run it's course and it can be painful. I hope you are doing well.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH(Zone 5a)

HollyAnnS - I'm doing fine. I have an appointment with my family doctor next week. Back to square one, but I know if there is a problem, he will know who I should see.

Glad to know your daughter is fine now.

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