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Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Competition

Calgary, Canada

Today is the second day for viewing the winning gardens in this year's competition.
You purchase a passport at one of the Garden Centres.
I went around to many of the winning gardens, yesterday.
There were lots of good ideas in those gardens.
Today, I am volunteering as a gate sitter at one garden.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Oh boy Caroline That must have been fun!. Did you see Carol sitting at a gate on Saturday? I have no idea which one she was at but I know she was at one somewhere.
The Edmonton was this weekend too but did not go this year.

Calgary, Canada

It is fun to visit the competition gardens.
I was gate sitting too. That gives you a chance to just sit at the entrance to one garden and really take it all in.
One year I want to come up and visit the Edmonton Competition gardens.

There were many interesting ideas in the gardens. Some I remember such as growing succulents in a strawberry planter. One garden had beautiful stands of a perennial grass
called South basin perennial rye grass. A plant I saw and liked was called "Burning hearts"
the flowers resembled bleeding hearts, but the foliage was a grey blue.

Calgary, Canada

And the Calgary Horticultural Society Plant Share is next Saturday.
It is held on the grassy area in front of CalHort House.

People who do not have plants to share can purchase plants for $2.

Now I must go out in the garden and pot up the extras to take to the swap.

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi Carol
I won't make it for the plant share with my Mom's stuff. I am planing to get there Saturday am and dig like crazy till I drop. I do have a friend here that will take most of her stuff but I know that I won't be done in one day and will have to come back again.
Did you still want cuttings of the Coleus? I can bring down with me and leave with my Mom for you.

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