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Denver area plant swap, for pick up only

Westminster, CO(Zone 5a)

Hi there

I recently responded to a Freecycler's request for plants. She, unfortunately, got rather swamped with replies, so now I'm stuck with some plants that are ready to go to a new home. Most are already in pots & ready to go. Trade would be nice but isn't really necessary. I'm in Westminster, CO.

Weigela - I've got several seedlings in pots with good root systems (plus rooting hormone). They'd probably like to stay in their pots a few more weeks to recover from transplant, but will most likely survive nicely. I'm not sure what kind they are - mine are probably 10-20 years old, probably never been pruned, and have gotten *ridiculously* tall, around 8-10 feet. They've got nice pink flowers May-June & the birds like their red berries.

Ornamental strawberry - ready to go in a pot. healthy

ajuga - probably chocolate chip but I'm not sure. ready to go in pot. healthy.

I've got 2 hydrangea that need to be dug up (it's an easy job. their roots look like they're still pot-shaped. I'm not sure of the variety but most likely their tags are still down there.) I believe the previous owner probably just dropped them in the ground before we bought the house. They were blooming 2 years ago when we moved in & haven't bloomed since (blue mophead blooms). I suspect they need a different location with more sun or perhaps more protection than I've been giving them (read: none). These are the items I want gone in the next few days - I've already got new plants to go in that location.

5 Stella d'Oro daylilies still in the ground - 2 of them are root-bound over their holes in the plant fabric. I've already dug a few more of these up & separated & re-planted. It's not too big a job once you get the shovel under their roots. The other 3 are small plants in a raised bed. I'm going to be putting in a small rock garden here, so if you've got some hardy succulents or small alpine plants that are practically xeric, let me know!

There are also several mock orange seedlings that could easily be transplanted, if you're interested.

These are for pick up only; I don't feel like messing with shipping. If you've got something to trade, even better but not truly necessary. I'd like to get all these taken care of this week.


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