Recovery Drama: What to watch when you are sick.

Greensboro, AL

A few years ago I was in a hospital recovering from surgery. As I gained consciousness I heard some one speaking in a slavic language. One of the nurses had turned on my tv to a European station. It was a film about Yak Herders along the Volga and Ob Rivers.

I learned that being transported totally away from your current situation is a great strategy for recovering from personal trauma -- like surgery, a broken heart, or whatever the trauma du jour happens to be.

More recently I have discovered kdramas--the hottest thing on the internet. These are Korean dramas from Korean TV. They are presented in Korean (if you want to practice learning another language, or they have English subtitles). Some are historic sagas, like the 77 episode Yi San. I first got hooked by watching IRIS--which makes you want to sign up for Tae Kwan Do lessons and join the Lee Byong Hun fan club. The Korean dramas range from recent to early Korean history (Dong Yi) , how to run a restaurant (Pasta), to surviving high school (Autumn Tale).

You can watch Kdramas on Hulu (Bad Guy, IRIS), drama fever, drama crazy, or

Now why do I think Kdrams are sustainable? Because they get you out of your provincial skin. Its like a cheap vacation --just a click or two away.

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