Crossvine, Cross-Vine, Trumpet Flower (Bignonia capreolata)

Cornelia, GA(Zone 7a)

Crossvine, Cross-Vine, Trumpet Flower
Bignonia capreolata

Bignonia capreolata - Cross-Vine

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Saint Louis, MO

This is a lovely vine. I would love to have this in my garden. How can I purchase this?

West Barnstable, MA

I have an old oak and a tall stump of a maple and would like to have the crossvine grown up these...BUT will they grow on Cape Cod???

Washington, DC

I have just built a pergola over a section of a rear deck. I am researching vines to complete the "roof". The vine will have to live in a large container, climb up a 10' post and cover a 10'*20' area. It will get @ 8 hours of sun. I live in Washington, DC. Would Bignonia capreolata "jekyll" be a good option for me?

Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Click on the link above for all the related info including zone tolerance, other comments and vendors that carry it.

Ridgewood, NJ

Capemanx: Yes! These flower/vines grow like mad on the house we rent in Brewster. They are beautiful and attract lots of hummingbirds.

Mid-Hudson Valley, NY(Zone 5b)

I was just admiring these pictures and wondering if this vine is as woody as a trumpet vine. By that I mean do they develop a large woody trunk at their base or do they stay relatively green more like the clematis? I'm in the Hudson Valley, NY.

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