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Juvenile bird found in the piedmont region of North Carolina

Mount Airy, NC

I found this bird under a tree in the backyard. I placed it in a hanging pot up in the tree so that the cat wouldn't get it...but after a day I hadn't observed the parents visiting it at all.

So I put it in a box and fed it worms. It survived and thrived for about two weeks. It was able to gain altitude but when I put it outside it wouldn't ever move from where i put it..even if left overnight. It's tail feathers were almost non-existent as shown in the picture when I found it but at two-weeks they had grown to over two inches.

Unfortunately he flew into a window, broke his neck and died. I wish I would have done something differently or something more but I did what I could.

I've done searches online and the closest i can come up with is a Northern Waterthrush. The markings on the head look different though....however this may be because it was just a juvenile?

Anyway...if anyone with knowledge or experience could venture a guess I'd very much appreciate it.


Thumbnail by angustotse
Sandusky, OH

Thanks for adding this to the Id forum...not 100% sure but could be a Brown Thrasher fledgling.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Ditto to Brown Thrasher


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