SOLVED: Plant with Red/Orange berries

Homewood, IL

I know I have seen plants with this specific leaf pattern and berries before near my house, but they were gray-blue. This species was found in a coniferous sand forest along the coast of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin. They have the same leaf pattern but a really pretty and unique orange colored berry with dark red stripes trans-versing them. This is probably something simple, but I have no idea what these are.

Thumbnail by Chicago_Frost
Coon Rapids, MN(Zone 4a)

One of the false solomon seals.

Homewood, IL

Thanks, definitely appears to belong to the genus Maianthemum but the species, and subspecies remains a mystery to me.

Homewood, IL

Through my research, and with the help of this site this particular plant is most likely Maianthemum stellatum, with that being said I will mark this as solved.

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