Chinese Taro

(Tracey) Mobile, AL(Zone 8b)

(I posted this in the Aroid Forum, but I didn't think you would all see it there and tho it is a sad story I think you might enjoy the read)

btw-- Thanks to Metro for the ID on this one. ---

I bought it at our local flea market a while back. I have it in one of the half barrell type planters at the edge of my back patio, keep it plenty moist, no drying out and it looks great.. (OR SHOULD I SAY) LOOKED GREAT???

Several days ago I noticed it looked like something was eating it, munching daily "in the middle" of the nice lush green leaves. I was about to google and check here to see what could be eating it. My sister came over and as always was out in the midst of my 30+ plants on my back patio (probably seeing what she thought I might share). I walked out with her. She was looking at this beautiful Chinese Taro. I began telling her that I intended to find out what was eating it in that manner as I have seen no creatures on it, night or day.

Suddenly it became very clear. -- My two 12 yr old sons, not twins (one mine, one his) started telling on each other.. It seems they were outside, bored, and suddenly saw something close by, standing tall, that looked like a great target for target practice. UGH!!!!!! Those little heathens have been out there shooting my Chinese Taro with their BB and Pellet guns!!!! Again, UGH!!!!!!

It seems to be ok. Its been several days, maybe even a week and the only yellowing I see are right around the edges of the GSW (Gun Shot Wounds). Its still standing tall and beautiful!! Some of the leaves do not have any yellowing at all.

I'm sure you plants lovers will understand this better than most... I went bolistic.. I LOVE this newly acquired plant. I ended up taking every gun they own and they are all in my bedroom until I decide to to give them back... I was so mad/sad (both) that I cried!!!!

Oh the Joys of having Boys!!! -- We have four between us.. only the middle two were the culprits however they did try to include the 9 yr old until they saw how upset I was.. then they either told the truth or were protecting him from the "WRATH OF MOM!!!! lol.

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