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Hardy Hibiscus “Cranberry Punch” (PP15091)

Nutley, NJ(Zone 6b)

Attached is the photograph of the Hardy Hibiscus “Cranberry Punch” (PP15091) which just open August 1, 2010. The flower is on a cutting which is under one year of age and has only one stalk which stands 30 inches. The flower is 7” in diameter; the Hibiscus is documented to produce flowers of between 3.5” to 6.0” in diameter so this flower is unusually large. Hibiscus “Cranberry Punch” is characterized as having a height of between about 20 and about 40 inches, with a spread of between about 30 and about 45 inches.

The Plant Patent PP15091 for Hibiscus “Cranberry Punch” can be found here:

I have two Hibiscus 'Cranberry Punch’ from two different sources so that I can compare their growth. This Hibiscus is from a highly rated eBay seller who specializes in selling healthy young plants at significant discounts on the price and shipping costs because of their small size.. The second Hibiscus 'Cranberry Punch’ is from one of the DG Garden Watchdog Top Ten Sellers. Right now the plant from the eBay seller is growing faster but has only one stem.

I am particularly interested in Hibiscus “Cranberry Punch” because it is one of the few hardy Hibiscus documented to produce extra pedals. If you read Plant Patent PP15091 you will find the following statement:

“Number of petals.—Most of the flowers have five petals, but occasionally a flower may have four, six or seven petals.”

It will take several years for my two Hibiscus to reach their full potential so I don’t expect to see anything interesting this year. I will post pictures if anything develops.


Thumbnail by Michael_Ronayne

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