North Central Texas Fall Roundup Trade Thread.

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Please post your plants list here, let us have Fun!!!

Hello Everybody, here is the link to sign in and attendance thread so you can sign up.

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Well, I am finally going to post some plants, these are all nice, I just need to reduce my stock.

1 Shrub with little purple flowers along the branches in gallon pot, the leaves are gray green.

1 Red Buckeye very small,
1 Cedar Elm in 2 gallon pot,

1 Duranta erecta light purple in quart pots,
1 Jimsonweed in small pots,
4 West Tex Bluemist,
7 False Dragonhead, deep pink,
7Western Ironweed,
3 Willowleaf Aster, quarts,
1 Drummond's Aster,
1 False Indigo,


2 Carolina Snailseed, quart,
2 Smartweed, quart,


1 Butterfly bush in gallon pot, color light purple, it bloomed.
1 False Dragonhead, deep pink,
1 Frostweed, in quarts,
1 Duranta erecta light purple in quart pots,

1 deep pink rose in gallon pot,
1 Rose Scented Geranium in gallon pot
1 Mock Orange rooted cuttings in sm pot smells like heaven
1 Bay Laurel for cooking in quart pot
2 Cowpen Daisy in quarts,

1 Cecile Brunner rose in 2 gallon pot,
1 Duranta erecta light purple in quart pots,

1 Chiquita blue salvia in gallon pot
1 Frostweed, in quarts,
1 Dwarf Barbados Cherry in gallon pot

Debness DFW
1 Pecan volunteer in gallon pot
1 Mock Orange rooted cuttings in sm pot smells like heaven.

1 Fig Texas Brown Turkey in gallon pot
1 Duranta erecta light purple in quart pots,
1 Cowpen Daisy in quarts,
1 Willowleaf Aster, quarts,

1 Rattlebush in gallon pot
1 Yellow Bells in quart pot
1 Barbados Cherry, in gallon pot
1 east tx Mistflower

1 Coral-Bean rooted cutting,
1 Balsam Gourd, quart,
1 Illinois Bundleflower in small pot,
1 Balsam Gourd, quart,
2 Horseherb, small,

1 False Dragonhead, deep pink,
1 Lizard's Tail, quart,

1 Western Ironweed,
1 East Tex Bluemist,
1 Perilla Plant.
1 Drummond's Aster,
1 Purple Passionflower, small

1 Red Buckeye in gallon pot,
1 Purple Passionflower, small
1 Elderberry in small pot,
2 Cowpen Daisy in quarts,
2 Frostweed, in quarts
I False Indigo

1 Native Persimmon in gallon pot,

2 Cowpen Daisy in quarts
2 Frostweed in quarts
1 Drummond's Aster,

1 Datura
2 Ruellia nudiflora
1 Drummond's Aster,
1Western Ironweed,

1 Rattlebush in gallon pot,
1 Fragrant Snakeroot,
1Frostweed, in quarts,
1 Perilla Plant.

1 East Tex Bluemist,
Aristolochia fimbriata seeds.

1 Arizona Ash, 6 feet tall,
1 False Indigo,

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Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Cuttings of Epi Strictus ( cuttings )
3 White butterfly ginger (single stalks)
3 or 4 Hoya lacunosa ( will root on request)
3 or 4 Hoya brevialata (will root on request)
3 or 4 Hoya ???? (will root on request) looks like brevialata with white veins
2 or 3 NOID Rhipsallis (will root on request)
1 Medusa head (will root on request)
1 cottonwood tree (2' tall in a 10" pot)

Wish list:
foxtail fern
cooking herbs (I already have cilantro,dill and ti basil)

planolinda~peruvian daffodil(3 bulbs)
gretagreenthumb~peruvian daffodil(3 bulbs), coral reef sedum(4"pot)
bananna18~ coral reef sedum(4"pot)
Tina_A~ hoyas, purple datura seeds
Sheila_FW~zebra grass (waist high kind)
msgrubbyfungus~butterfly ginger
newtonsthirdlaw~purple datura & datura seeds
pbtxlady~hibiscus seeds-several kinds
perkoschilifarm~hoya cuttings, Orchid cactus cuttings, thread leaf agave, madusa head cutting, cilantro seeds
Datura12~butterfly ginger, flat of 4" pots

bananna18~ LA iris
Tina_A~ rosemary
pbtxlady~ buddleia
stephanietx~pride of barbados
Sheila_FW~west tx mist flower
dfwdennis~purple ruelia, noid plumeria
newtonsthirdlaw~prairie phlox
pekoschilifarm~surprise chili seeds
Datura12~hoya kerrii

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Pride of Barbados (4)
Katie's Ruellia Pink (2 or 3)
Sedum "Autumn Joy" (need to divide mine out)
Frogfruit--let me know if you want some and I'll start you some
Rock Rose--have several volunteers in my flower bed and will gladly dig one for you.
Pink Skullcap--need to divide so let me know if you want some
Genovese Basil seedlings (3)

3-4 young gaillardia (blanketflower) (1 of them might be a rudbeckia hirta)
3 garlic chives
1 or 2 Mexican Mint marigold
1 or 2 very young Brazos Penstemons grown from seed I collected last year
Fresh Zinnia seeds (as in still on the seed heads!). It'll be a mix of dahlia flowered in pink, orange-red, red, and maybe purple.

If anyone wants Katie's Pink Ruellia, I still have plenty that I can dig and bring. They'll look terrible for a few days to a week, but they'll perk up after that.

Fall aster
Texas Betony
Copper Canyon Daisy
Creeping Rosemary
LA Iris--from Anna
Woodland Phlox
Carolina Phlox
Damianita daisy
Blackfoot Daisy--from Anna
Byzantine Gladiolus
Red Hot Poker (Kniphofia tritoma)
Coral Bells (Heuchera)--From Sheila
Heartleaf Skullcap (Scutellaria ovata)
Bay Laurel

Frostweed: Gaillardia
Catzgalore: POB sapling, dill seeds
Bananna: Pink Skullcap, Cowpen Daisy, balloon flower, & zinnia seeds. Phlox Pilosa
DfwDennis: Rock Rose, pink rain lily seeds
Pbtxlady: POB sapling, Gomphrena plant & seeds
TinaA: Mealy blue sage
SheilaFW: pink skullcap, dill seeds, zinnia seeds
Perkoschilifarm: Frogfruit, echinacea seeds, dill seeds
Datura12: Autumn Joy Sedum, phlox pilosa
Patrob: pink skullcap, pink ruellia, rock rose, brazos penstemon, butterfly bush, zinnia seeds
Gretagreenthumb: Katie's Ruellia Pink, dill seeds
Smockette: Butterfly bush cuttings, POB
PlanoLinda: POB, Autumn Joy Sedum

Frostweed: Western Ironweed, East Texas Blue Mist (shade), Perilla, Drummond aster, Purple Passionvine
Catzgalore: Russelia (Firecracker plant)
Bananna: Blackfoot Daisy, LA Iris
DFWDennis: Carolina Wolfberry, asparagus
Pbtxlady: Flame Acanthus
Sheila: Coral Bells Huechera, B&B Salvia
Perko: Napolean Sweet Bell seeds, Mammoth Grey Strip sunflower seeds
Datura12: Torch lily
Patrob: Liatris, ghost plant, little bluestem grass, white salvia greggii
Kenboy: Coralberry, Ginger
Greta: John Fannick Phlox

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Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)


1 french hollyhock
society garlic
strawberry geranium
oxalis purple
white rain lily
Native Columbine: May be either of these: texas gold columbine or Aquilegia canadensis
Mrs H Duelberg salvia/Augusta Duelberg
yarrow moonshine
Elephant Ears (see pic Post #8054397)
LA iris (see pic Post #8054399)
Happy Returns DL
Crimson Pirate DL
Bolivan Jew cutting
White Avens
Brazilian Verbena
Mexican Mint Marigold
strawberry gomphrena
coffee grounds
manure: llama, chicken, rabbit
potting soil
yellow patrinia
Sword lily byzantinus
low sedums
rose campion
Ageratina Wrightii (wright's boneset)
rocks (skinny watermelon size)

Texas Betony LA iris , wandering jew

blackfoot daisy,strawberry geranium

blackfoot daisy, snakeherb, white avens

LA iris, Agastache NOID ,Sweet Autumn Clematis

Mrs. D, Strawberry gomphrena

white avens JPfern (pipevine, christmas cactus)

shasta daisy “Becky”, Mrs H Duelberg, strawbery geranium

Strawberry gomphrena, hosta

1 Marie Pavie, strawberry geranium (chocolate plant)

(beautyberry, hummingbird plant, 2 strawberry geranium, 2 yellow butterflyweed)
Dwarf Mexican katie ruellia , blackeyed susan, moonshine yarrow

blackeye susan, bolivian jew, mexican mint marigold,Strawberry gomphrena

(pipevine, hummingbird plant ,Chocolate plant)

LA iris ,moonshine yarrow

moonshine yarrow, DL crimson Pirate, Happy Returns, Ice Carnival

garnet salvia greggii

Toadlily Pattie

Pigeonberry , horsetail, Chile Pequin Dennis

Sedum ,Russelia equisetiformis Catzgalore

Paddle plant POB seeds Sheila

Agastache Honey Bee Pattie

Chiquita blue salvia 1 Frostweed,1 Dwarf Barbados Cherry in gallon pot Josephine

manure Ms. Grubbyfungus

cowpen daisy seeds , skullcap, balloonflower seeds Stephanie

Moy ginger ? ginger, alstroemeria Kenboy

Greenenvy coneflower x3 Datura12

surprise chili seeds Perkochili

Can Can, Mastery, JaneTrimmer sabine baur, ghost plant Patrob

phlox pilosa Newtonsthirdlaw

5 gallon bucket Smockette

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Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)


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Grapevine, TX(Zone 8a)


1 very small kidneywood seedling
chile petins (the chiles, not the plants)

2 mature asparagus (stephanietx)
1 kidneywood seedling (patrob)
pigeonberry (bananna18)
horsetail reed (bananna18)
chile petins (bananna18 - attempts to root failed, so will bring chiles instead)
inland sea oats (planolinda)
inland sea oats (msgrubbyfungus)
1 Texas gold columbine (frostweed)
3-4 dwarf Virginia Sweetspire (frostweed)
dwarf purple ruellia (catzgalore)
crinum (datura)
1 good sized noid plumeria (catzgalore)
1 good sized stevia (perkoschilifarm)
1 purple coneflower (Tina_A)
1 good sized Carolina wolfberry (stephanietx)
1 noid white crinum (pbtxlady)
1 night blooming cereus (perkoschilifarm)

japanese painted fern (bananna18)
white avens (bananna18)
rock rose (stephanietx)
coralbean (frostweed)
balsam gourd x 2 (frostweed)
Illinois bundleflower (frostweed)
oxblood lily (msgrubbyfungus)
chiltepin seeds (perkoschilifarm)
phlox pilosa (newtonsthirdlaw)
white rain lily (bananna18)
little bluestem (patrob)

small filler natives that don't require full sun
lycoris bulbs
oxblood lily bulbs
summer snowflake bulbs
green dragon

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Garland, TX(Zone 8a)


butterfly bush (buddleia davidii sp.), rooted cutting (catzgalore, Tina_A)
flame acanthus, rooted cuttings or seedlings (Ken, Stephanie)
agastache Honey Bee Blue, seedlings grown out to about 1' tall (Anna, Pat)
Katie's Blue ruellia (Patricia)
Indigo Spires salvia (Kate, Patricia)
Mystic Spires (Pat, Ken)
Hot Lips salvia, 1 small start
blue toad lilies (bananna, Perko)
coneflowers (Perko, Josephine)
blue pickerel reed (Cheryl/newtonsthirdlaw)
large Hot Lips salvia (Sylvia, Barbara)
water plants for Karen, to go with Tina_A to the ETRU
dwarf canna, Angel Pink (planolinda)
cypress vine seeds (Sherill, Sylvia)
hyacinth bean seeds (Sylvia)
whole pot of Pink Wonder ginger to see if it can be divided, for Ken

Still available:
large noid canna, burgundy with red flowers, gets about 6 feet tall
Katie's Blue ruellia
cypress vine seeds

Texas betony (Anna)
poppy seeds (Linda)
maypop (Linda)
Pride of Barbados, seeds or seedling (Stephanie)
irises, if I don't already have one from you (Sheila)
hardy hibiscus, seeds or cutting (catz)
brugs--looking for varieties I don't have, esp. pink (Pat)
manure, chicken or rabbit (Kate)

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Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

I have to take stock of what I'm bringing.
When I feel like going out into this heat
I'll post my plants.

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Have these to trade in Arlington 10-10-10:

Lyreleaf Sage (6- 4" pots)
West Tx Mist Flower (2 in 4” pots)
Aruba japonica (1 rooted plant)
Obedient Plants (4 trades – multiples in pots)
Frostweed (6 - 4" pots)
Walking Iris (4 sm plants)
Butterfly Ginger (white 2 trades)
Black & Blue Salvia (6 trades)
Chocolate Mint (4 trades)
Mexican Petunias tall type (pink & white) (3 trades ea)
Elephant Ears (8 trades)(noid) solid green
Lizard’s Tail (2 trades)
Iris purple (un-named) 15 or so
Snowball bush (3 gallon trades)
Vitex Tree (4 small saplings) unknown species purple bloom

Sharing Pride of Barbados seeds from Trois' stock courtesy of Flyboy with anyone. For those of you who didn't know Trois....before his untimely death, he was active in DG and supplied many photos which we still enjoy. He also attended our N TX roundups when possible.


Getting and Giving:

PlanoLinda: Blk-eyed Susan and Snowball bush ditch lilies for
Anna: Paddle plant for society garlic (already have)
POB seeds for Ms H Duelburg salvia, Strawberry gomphrena
Take (from San Marcos)Lily of the Nile
Gomphrena for ?
Stephanie: Coral Bells Huechera, Perilla & B & B Salvia for pink skullcap & dill seeds
Grettagreenthumb – W TX mistflower
Pbtx Pattie: My Mary Frances Iris, POB & poppy seeds for cypress vine seeds
Catzgalore: W TX Mistflower for zebra grass
Kenboy: Snowball Bush, Mystic Spires Salvia for banana tree
Hop tree from LindaTX….may have died?
Take Hilary’s Sweet Lemon Mint for Darkmoondreamer
Aunt_Jean: Snowball Bush
Perko…Frogfruit & blackeyed susan for 1 seed pk. Chiltepin C. annuum var. glabriusculum
Black & Blue Salvia
Chocolate Mint
Mexican Petunias tall type (pink & white)
Snowball bush
Vitex Tree
Bluesmaven Sherril: …POB seeds, flame vine seeds, BC Passi for
Hummingbird sage
Newtonsthird (Cheryl):…. Epi night bloomer for Phlox pilosa and a zexmenia
Tina A…. Obedient Plants & POB seeds
Frostweed:…. 1 Rattlebush in gallon pot
1 Yellow Bells in quart pot
1 Barbados Cherry, in gallon pot
1 east tx Mistflower
For Vermiculite & bag
Mrsgrubbyfungus (Kate) …. POB Seeds
Smockette…. 2 buckets for B & B Salvia

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Plano, TX

reserving this spot for my list--and feeling a little excited about it already!!

house plants
african milk tree (a tall cactus)
philodendron -variagated and solid
mother in law tongue
coleus -about 4 different kinds
maybe african violets (still working on those)
rubber tree

red tip phothinia
ivy ground cover
jasmine ivy
wandering jew
moses in a basket
elephant ears
walking iris
sweet potato vines-both purple and green to patrob?
dwarf fountain grass-patrob?
pink muhly grass-grubby
passion vine-maypop to pbtxlady

am adding on
lambs ear
yellow canna
garlic chive
liope grass ? can't remember the name-has small purple flower in middle
ajuga purple
limon talinum

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Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

pbtxlady, I can root a Texas Betony for you. Can I try the blue toad lily even if I have killed one in the past?
Is my tradelist link working?

Grapevine, TX(Zone 8a)

Anna, when I click on your link, it takes me to my own tradelist.

Here is a link to your tradelist:

I should have some pigeonberry available for you.

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Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

Thankyou Dennis...I guess when I copied my actual HAVE list, it went wacko.
Would love the pigeonberry.What would you like? I will post some other stuff Patty says, if it survives the heat.

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Sure, Anna, that sounds like a great trade.

Did you have trouble before with the toads because they were smaller? In the last couple of years mine have gotten so prolific that I've resorted to digging up established plants. Maybe one of those will work better for you.

Plano, TX

pbtexlady i can hook you up with --

poppy seeds

i haven't looked and figured out what i am bringing and so am impressed with your speed! i will have more to offer--if possible can i try your small pink canna? i have red and yellow--pink would be a nice addition

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Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

You got it, Linda. You should know, though, that the canna I have is not actually pink, despite its name. It's more of a tangerine, with a yellow eye. Is that okay? It's a good bloomer, and it's nice in a perennial bed where you can't put the six-footers.

LOL. I'm fast because I missed both of the last two RU's in Arlington, so I'm really looking forward to this one!

I'm out of edits for the day, but I will update my list in the morning.

Plano, TX

yes tangerine sounds nice too--

i am hoping to get black eyed susans--i have a few already but i love, love, love them! and everytime i see them in mass i want them in mass------------i think black eyed susans are my flower for 2010! (this is a very obvious hint to anyone who has some to spare!!)

Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I will have the BE Susans to share Linda.

Plano, TX

thank you sheila --you gave me one and it is healthy but still just a leaf--i think it is the hot weather maybe--or maybe taking time to set good roots--also i do not have it in full sun and i think i should have put it in full sun --
but yes--i would love more-and thanks--

Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

I have lots happy to give them away!

Plano, TX

thanks--i've started potting up house plants today--

Wichita Falls, TX

I'm new at this -- so if it doesn't make sense, help me out. . .

My wish list is forever long:

Agastache - Blue Fotune, Tutti Fruitti, or Acapulco
Aquilega - Texas Pride
Artemisia - Power Castle
Amaryllis - Hardy Red
Beautyberry, American (purple berries)
Daylilly - prefer rebloomers, love pinks
Dianthus - Baths pink or Tiny Rubies
Ice Plant
Lily - Spider
Quince - Flowering
Purple Fountain Grass - seeds?
Rose - Belinda's Dream
Salvia - Henry Dulberg
Scabiosa - Butterfly Blue
Sedum - Autumn's Fire
Turk's Cap - pink or peach?
Yucca - Color Guard

Have and could try to propagate if interested:

Vitex - dwarf version
Salvia - Black and Blue
Phlox - John Fanick
Turk's Cap - Red
Lantana - Samantha, Irene, trailing purple or white

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Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Greta I have:
if you are interested I would be happy to share them with you.

Plano, TX

catz would love to try the Peruvian Daffodil --i looks like an interesting plant!

Wichita Falls, TX

catz -- yes I'd love them. Thanks for the "connection" so I'd know what they are and how to care for them. That was wise!

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Got ya down Linda :)
Got ya down Greta :)

Plano, TX


Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

pbtx~I have a Pride of Barbados for you if you want it. Check the link in my list to make sure it's the right variety.

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Ok my list has started. please check it above

stephanietx~ Can I get a 'Pride of Barbados' please?

pbtxlady~ Can I get a rooted cutting of your buddleia please?

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Wichita Falls, TX

stephanietx -- I'd love to take your pink scullcap and Katies ruellia pink.


Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

check my list
Elephant ears look like this

Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

LA iris

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

bananna18 I would like an LA iris please.

Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

It is yours!

Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

Thank you :)

Colleyville, TX(Zone 8a)

catzgalore, can I have the sedum please?

Caddo Mills, TX(Zone 8a)

I will start a couple of rosemary cuttings for you. Can I get any of your hoya cuttings? Thanks

monstera that I am starting today
dragonfruit (1) that is small
bananas (2)
can start some NOID brug cuttings
can start some pothos
asparagus ferns
corn seeds
2 cannas I have no idea what color they are

butterfly bush
butterfly weed
crape myrtle

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Burleson, TX(Zone 8a)

bananna18 you got the sedum.
Tina_A rosemary would be great thank you. I'll get some hoyas started for you :) Do you have a preference or would you like a little of each?

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

You girls are doing great with your lists and trades, I am a real watering fool lately and can't seem to get to anything else, but be assured I will get it done one of these days.

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