Starting Calycanthus. They say fresh seed, but how fresh.

Marshfield, MA

I have some Sino and floridus seed pods that I would like to try. I used last years pods and later read that you should use fresh pods. I just can't figure out HOW fresh and do they need stratifying??

All in all any hints concerning Calycanthus would be greatly apperciated!! Are they easy to cut and root?? I would like to prop my Hartletts(sp) red/wine but have no pods so a couple of cutting would be great.

Thanks folks and now I just have to figure out how to winter them over if I do start them..

Marshfield, MA

This thread had been lanquishing but I am reviving it in hopes someone has started Calycanthus from seed and can share some knowledge.

I have a Floridus and a Sino pod. Both are very fresh but have opened slightly to show off some healthy looking seeds. If they say to use "fresh" seed then they must not require any stratification.


I would try to root some cutting of a Harlett(?) Wine or Red(?) but I would rather let her grow up a bit befor I took the knife to her Especially this late in the season.

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