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Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

any one useing one e book reader?

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Sydney, Australia

I use aldiko ebook reader. It is for android phones and tablet. It has nice features too. And the good thing is you can get it for free in google play. Let me know if you have tried using it. By the way can you recommend some good books to read? Thank you so much!

New York City, NY

To tell the truth most of my friends use Amazon Kindle E-books for reading and everyone tells this is the best option. I have Asus DR-900 and I'm extremly happy and satisfied with it. Everything depends on the purposes you'd like to use an E-reader and I suggest to pay extra attention to the battery durability.
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I use several sources including Amazon Kindle, Bookbub and Google books on my Samsung tablet. Since the above poster posted in 2010, basic tablets offer a greater variety of functions such as streaming, email and mobile features. My phone gets shoved in a drawer and the laptop is ignored for days on end but I rarely go to another floor in the house without my tablet.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Dh was sure I'd enjoy a Chromebook, so he ordered me one. And yes, when I'm home it's usually nearby. I think I could get a lot of e-books on it from my library but just haven't tried. I recently got a large print book from the library and it's REALLY nice for bedtime. Print size/readability may be the thing that will push me to e books.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Dacota, would you explain about your Asus? Does it support Amazon Kindle software? I download lots of Amazon books on my Samsung tablet. Bookbub, which is not my sole ebook source, acts as a library aggregator that allows for downloads of both free and cheap reads through multiple software options.

Shoulder problems this past year have made it difficult to hold books up for prolonged periods. Ebooks as gifts are now a favorite request. I am getting better while my "to read" stack of paper books is teetering.

Chicago, IL

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You must not be a very good student (or honest) if you pay a service to do your schoolwork. Try taking up reading rather than phishing.

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