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CLOSED: Nursery-trade Plastic Pots for S&H

Belton, TX

I have approximately 72 formed black plastic pots for either vegetables or rooted cuttings...they are approximately 3" square. I also have more than 70 assorted rigid plastic nursery pots of odd sizes and colors, but all are round nursery-trade pots....All are used, but less than 1 year old and very viable for rooted cuttings or transplanting small plants.

I would like shipping and handling and will invoice through Paypal...please d-mail if you are interested.

Belton, TX

Bump...pots are still available for shipping and handling. Thank you.

Omega, GA

Hey there, how are you? I am interested in your nursery pots, if you have any larger pots that would be great too. I'm not sure what you mean about invoice thru paypal. The forbie's are doingg great. They have all put on nice new growth. You might could send the pots with the penstemon, fragrant mist flower & white-veined dutchman's pipe & catmint. It has rained here several times so it might be a good time to get those plants in the ground. LMK Donna

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