Anyone been to Disney World in March?

Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

We are planning a trip to Disney World next year. Now we just have to decide whether to go in March (Spring Break) or August. I am guessing that the weather is warm in March and terribly hot in August. There is a $600 difference in the price, but given how much it is going to cost, that is not a huge deciding factor for us at this time. Also, we are not planning to rent a car and to stay on property. At this point, I am leaning towards the cabins at the Frontier Lodge. There will be 6 of us and I think having a little extra space might not be a bad thing. Anyone stayed there? Finally, in an effort to control cost somewhat, we are planning to do the Deluxe meal plan, so that we can have all of our meals paid for before we go. Any thoughts on that? Has anyone mailed a package to themselves at Disney. Since there is a kitchen in the cabin and we won't have a car, I wonder if I could mail some snacks/breakfast foods to us to be waiting for us when we get there.

I appreciate any input on these things and any thing else you think I probably need to know. Our kids are 4, 13, and 15.

Thanks so much!

Baton Rouge, LA


I am not sure if you have found the answers to your questions... however I am a DISNEY FANATIC !

I am on practically every night... (I am TinkerbellinLouisian)

You can find all the answers to your questions on disboards... OR you can ask me... I will look for them and find them for you...

As for weather... March is cool to hot. Your weather in our weather in Baton MUCH like the weather in Orlando....

The Wilderness lodge looks like a GREAT place... and I've considered staying there myself.... I HAVE done "Hoop De Doo" revue dinner show there... it is GREAT !

As for the MEAL.... I have done the 'Regular" plan....and in certain circumstances.... I definitely recommend it! I don't recommend the deluxe plan if you have a budget because the regular plan is MORE than enough food for anyone.....

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Houston, TX(Zone 9b)

Thanks so much for the response. We are leaning towards March, but will probably stay in the Value Resorts (think it is the Music one that has a suite that will take 6 people). Decided that the room was not as important. I think we are going to do the meal plan. My only concern about the regular plan was that it only covers two meals, so we would have to purchase the 3rd meal. With the prices of the meals and 6 people, I am wondering if the deluxe plan might not work out better. I figured it out and the price of the meal plan works out to about $20 per person per meal. I don't know how much their meals are, but I could see how it would get to $20 at a place like Disney. Also, the $20 didn't include the two snacks since I had not idea how much that would be. My other concern is that with the kids (especially the little one that tends not to eat really big at any given meal, but likes to graze), they will be wanting something to eat or drink ALOT, so maybe having the snacks it not a bad thing. Please don't get me wrong, I certainly appreciate you comments and I will run the numbers and see how much difference there is because that may take care of the decision for me.

I saw that they had posted some specials, but unfortunately, they don't include the week that we are going.

I will check out the board you have listed above. I don't even know if I know what questions I have at this point. We are not getting tickets to the water park (we can do that at home), but just for swimming at the hotel, do you think it will be too cool in Mid March?

Thanks again!

Baton Rouge, LA

Hey Sheila -

It's certainly a personal choice... We usually eat a breakfast in the room. When the kids were was a keep the "cranky's" away. Even when we had large Character breakfasts...the kids had to get muffins, cereal, grits....SOMEthing in their stomachs before heading out.

You are allowed to bring snacks into the park also... so that's a thought.

Believe me... If I had the $$ to budget Deluxe...I would do it... if only because I am on a quest to eat at EVERY Table Service at WDW. That's why I did OOP last visit... so I could do a lot of Table Service but just eat an appetizer if I didn't want a Large meal.

I prefer the deluxe resorts... so again... it's just personal preference. The Music Suites should be nice.

I totally agree about the water parks....haven't done them at all because we have one here.

Walt Disney World (WDW) resorts heat the pools in cold months to (I think) 80 degrees... so you should be able to swim if it's a nice sunny day... and there are plenty of those in March.

On can go on there and ask "What is the weather/crowds like in March" and see what answers you get... Most of our last visits have been July and last May.

Regardless of what dining you plan... I HIGHLY recommend you get your Advanced Dinner Reservations (ADR's) ASAP! I think they take ADR's 180 days in advance....

The most popular meal locations (ie. The Castle -Cinderellas Royal Table, in Magic Kingdom and Le Cellier in Epcot) will have reservations go very very quickly....

More questions? Just ask... I LOVE giving Disney advice !


OH - you have a 13 and 15 yr old...check out the bed sizes/room configuration at Allstar Music Suites.... I never could stay there because my "teens/pre-teens" were too big...

You can get this information at (as well as a LOT of other good info, restaurant menu's, etc)

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