What's happening in your neck of the woods friends, Aug/10

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Thought it was time to move us over onto a new thread.

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Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for the move Ann .. how did the recitals turn out re the 'heat' ?

Busy weekend here .. winding down and heading for bed .. 5am comes MUCH too quickly !!

Hope everyone has a PERFECT upcoming week ^_^


st.george, NB(Zone 5a)

Got lots done today and was a beautiful day. Have a hard time staying inside when it is nice out. Spend too many days inside in the winter. So the bedroom didn't get painted this weekend - maybe next. Fellow came and looked at the deck, he call tomorrow with a quote for me. Nice guy, very knowlgeable and helpful suggestions. Back to work tomorrow best get some sleep now.


I've been very lazy this weekend - yesterday did some birthday & baby shower shopping, then went to a dinner/party for them last night. Pakistani food....... yummmmmmmm!! And the saris were beautiful!
Here some of our group of "ladies only evening" (before the thunderstorm!). I'm "hiding" in the back, wearing jeans LOL
The lady in the right foreground is a co-worker of mine.
The lady in the front holding the baby (her granddaughter, Melicha) is Javaria - the security guard at our building, and the Birthday Girl. It's her daughter Tanya (in the bright gold sari with the burgundy trim) that's expecting her baby in 2 weeks.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Ann, thanks for the move...

Susan, love the garb..yep,see you in the background..she's holding a baby, is it hers as well..yikes, she'll be a busy mom..

It's a sunshine day here..rained all day yesterday so got to enjoy the day doing a bit of 'not much' just as I wanted it to be..

Laurie, let's hope he comes up with a reasonable quote for you and you can have it done.

Ann, how are the renovations going, have you been over to check things out?

"M" I was grand dog sitting for the week, pup with a cone on the head so he wouldn't lick stitches, yikes, in the heat we've had Ned must have been very uncomfortable..he was excited to leave with family and although he was a 'dear' it was nice to bet back to normal..

Riley (kitty) left the day Ned arrived..no signs of her, boo hoo, although yesterday morning like a fool I was out doing meow/meow, got so excited about seeing Riley (for about 1 second, soon as he saw Sailor and Missy off she went) that I didn't pay attention to the tail..there is a kitty same size, same look as Riley except a little white at the end of the tail, didn't take time to see if this kitty had white or not..off the kitty went, no signs of Riley..

Wonder is she's teaching me a lesson for having Ned at the house...think next time I doggie sit it will be at their house.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Jen, how is Allison May doing? are you settling in to a routine?

I'm sure I mentioned I gave my resignation in a few weeks ago..my last day was to be Friday but Paul (BIL/Boss) asked if I'd be willing to stay on and work from home???? said that might be ok..well, he came in this morning and said he's meeting the telephone company to see what kind of system we could get that would allow me to work from home and yet if I needed time off I could transfer to someone else and they would have full access for transferring/assessments and the likes..so might be a go...yippee..in p.j.'s on blizzard days working from home..of course, I'll wear earings and nylons so I think I'm dressed up! lol


Betty - it's her granddaughter, but the mother (Anum) isn't in the picture.....
Javaria is busy enough as a security guard at work! lol

Victoria Harbour, ON

Good looking family Susan..

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

Were getting it worked out now, i sleep or hubby sleeps, its getting a bit easier now with sleep lol... Hubby took another week off so reality wont set in till next week when he goes back.. Allison is doing great she started to gain weight back, and she eats all the time.. She really doesn't cry that much for being a week old, she a good baby..

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Oh Jen, you are both too adorable..you are but a babe in the woods yourself...Allison is princess indeed..love how you do your photo`s...
glad hubby got to take another week off, by then you`ll be into a routie..thanks for sharring..

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Jen - That's a lovely announcement! Great pictures.

st.george, NB(Zone 5a)

Oooooh! What a beautiful baby! I can smell the baby powder. If you even still use that now a days.
Betty how lucky to be able to work at home. Wish the bank could come up with something like that. Expecially in the winter - no driving, no cleaning off and warming up the vehicle, no shoveling your way out too early in the morning. Wow! Nice!


awwwwwww Allison May is adorable!!
Jen - she's going to be one spoiled princess, don't you think?!?!

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

Thank you ladies.. She really is a princess, and yes she will be spoiled.. My hubby had a 14 year old daughter and he cant say no to her, I think it will be the same with Allli.. Already it seems like every time one of the grandparents come over they have an outfit for her, shes only a week old and has more clothes then room in her closet lol... Daddies gonna have to add another bar for stuff..

Betty - wow I would love to work from home!!! However i wont be returning to work for 5 or 6 years, so i guess i do work form home..

Ann- Those are Beautiful Hibiscus flowers, what are they called?? I have a few hardy ones but never seen those ones.. I have luna rose ones that are close but the leaves..

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Oh my Jen, what a Precious Bundle of Joy .. congrats to the max and all the best in the coming weeks, months and years .. going to be lots of milestones reached, and, they do it SO quickly !!!

Weather here is oppressive and down right 'H O T' !! 39C yesterday and the same expected today.
TBay just hosted the World Junior Baseball Championship, and visitors from places such as Australia, Japan, Korea, Argentina etc (hot spots shall we say) were amazed that a city in Northern Canada had temperatures such as the ones we had during the games. In fact, some tourists brought WINTER clothing .

Have the Weather Channel on right now .. WOW .. Calgary got shmucked again .. heavy rains and hail .. hope anyone on here from there had little to NO damage.

Off to feed the puppy ..

Take care all


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Jen - I'll look in my book and see if I kept the tag for the Hibiscus. My main focus is hostas and I don't bother with names of most other things.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Jen, don't for one sec not think that being home raising a child is NOT work...the most precious and fulfilling work there is..just wish I had been able to stay home with mine...at that time you were lucky for your employer to give you 2 weeks off and having 2 in same year 1969, could have used a month or so...oh well, we all survived those years!

"M" sure is hot, spend 1 hr. doing my hair this morning, I was outside no longer than 5 minutes and it was straight as a poker sooo have a perm appt. for tomorrow night..at least with the humidity it will turn to curls..so laughing about the visitors bringing winter clothing, guess most years they'd have needed it..

Working from home isn't set in stone yet..Paul's just trying to keep me working..last day was to be Friday so not sure what I'll do..guess I'll have to have a chit/chat with him..

Laurie, how's it going in your neck of the woods?

Fancy, you still sewing for your dog club..friend Liz from Ireland asked if I had any ideas on things their group could make which would help in fund raising efforts..thought maybe those cooler bandana's that I make for humans, saw they had them for pets as well when I was at Kempenfest...
Ann, was cute this morning, the lady who sells adv. for Rock 95 that we advertise with was in with papers..it's her first year in her home, never interested before then with gardening, she says she can't wait to stop into nurseries while on her travels..just bought 2 Hibiscus', said they would survive our winters...she was smilling from ear to ear..think she got the bug..also said her gardens have hosta's so she's impressed with her 1st year results..

Our little town is having a 'show your garden' event in 2 weeks, asking for homeowners to let people come see their gardens..doubt much will be in bloom but think as it's their 1st attempt I might put my garden in..would mean though I've much work ahead of me.

st.george, NB(Zone 5a)

Hot in NB today. 32 now with humidex of 35, chance of thundershowers this afternoon. Still waiting for my guy to get back to me with a quote on the deck, maybe tonight. Would like to have it all done before my sister comes on the 23rd. Not much else going on here, work takes up most of my day. Heading outside to the yard now to see what I can do there. Need to fill the hummingbird feeders yet again. Hard to tell but I think I have about 6 of them coming, must be a few young ones there cause they just fight all the time. I love to watch them.

Victoria Harbour, ON

They are adorable to watch aren't they..I wonder if this heat and the warmth of the liquid might not be good for them..I've got to fill mine as well..

Lordy, you've only about 13 days before she arrives, if you want it done before she does maybe you should give him another call..edge him on somewhat..

It's about the same temp here..even the a/c in the office isn't doing what it should..didn't open windows this morning in my vehicle, wow, had to be 150 when I got in it to open them after lunch..thanks goodness we had so much rain in the last 2 days otherwise I'm sure the plants would be laying on the ground...

Victoria Harbour, ON

Leaving for work early this morning, heard a meow, thought Missy wanted in, hey stranger, it was Riley home after 10 days of being gone and me all but giving up..did the happy dance for sure!

Another hot and muggy day here in paradise...sure wish I was home..

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

How many ways can you say UGGggg !!! Gonna be doing one hecuva HAPPY DANCE once this heat and humidity breaks.
Had an appt today at 11, left at 9 to do some shopping, by the time I got to the appt my hair had taken on a life of its own .. we were to have gotten oodles of rain as well, but, as always, that has not materialized.

RILEY, that little scally wagg was obviously 'living the life of Riley' LoL .. glad to hear the pusser is home .

Had a bear pass through this morning before I left .. guess the heat is bothering them a lot too .. I keep my distance at all cost ..

Guess I should DO something .. or .. maybe not ^_^

Take care


Victoria Harbour, ON

too hot 'm' to do anything, sit and relax..wind came up earlier and felt like rain but think like you, it will pass us by..with all this humidity can't keep a curl so am going for a perm tonight, guess I'll have a mass of curls to deal with in the humidity..oh well...

LOL yep, had the life of Riley, let's see now that she found her home again if she runs off or not..I don't like putting collars on kitties incase they get caught in tree limbs etc. but think I'll look for something safer and put a name tag, wouldn't doubt someone has been taking her in as a stray..

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

DD's AC is broken here in Ottawa. I feel for them because all their bedrooms are upstairs, but then ... we'd been married and in our house over 20 years when we first got AC. So maybe I'm not as sympathetic as I should be.

Got into the Food Cupboard to volunteer this afternoon, but have spent the rest of the day finishing up program notes for the Sinfonia concert which will be on Aug. 31. Sinfonia is a summer pick-up string orchestra which comes together once a year and does a benefit concert. Somehow I found myself on their board a few years ago. Need to have the notes done before we head to Vancouver for a few days next week.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I'm still recovering from 4 days of being Volunteer Coordinator at AAC Agility Nationals out at Spruce Meadows! Lurking but have not got the energy to post!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

OHMIGOSH, broken AC .. ours went out over the long weekend .. am unsure as to how we survived .. I do now know how to turn on the fan on the furnace, at least that gave us some air circulation.

Carol .. were the Agility Nationals well attended ? What breed ended up with the best marks ..
Quite something to watch those events .. can't imagine being the Coordinator.

Betty .. glad you like curls .. I am stuck with them .. sometimes it;s nice cuz it's a quick fix .. but .. at other times I feel like Angela Davis !!! LoL

Did have 'some' rain .. be nice if we had a bit more though.

Off to pick up some parcels at the border tomorrow ..

Stay safe


st.george, NB(Zone 5a)

Had a huge thunderstorm here last night that helped to clear the air. Beautiful day here today with no humidity. Hot but a nice cool breeze blowing. Kind of a sit in a lawn chair and relax sort of day but I had to work. Then took the truck for an oil change after work. Home late and trying to decide wether I should cook or go for takeout when someone showed up with Chinese food. It was great. They also brought cucumbers out of their garden which I don't really need cause I have my own and yellow beans that I am glad to have. Just talked to my fellow about the deck - they are still working on a price! Told him he had better come up with something soon or I am going somewhere else. This is a new company just getting started and I thought I would give them a chance but think I am their first customer and they are not too sure what they are doing. Who knows what I will end up with.
Hope the heat and humidity breaks soon for all you who are suffering with it.
Have to go bring my garbage to the end of the road for pickup tomorrow then get a birthday parcel ready to send tomorrow to my daughter. Her birthday is the 20th - can't believe my baby will be 30!!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

M- Largest agility nationals ever- 650 dogs!

Dont know the results - I was inside the volunteer barn all weekend. Sure were a lot of shelties and BC's!

In the area outside the barns we were using was a large pond with a fountain and the dogs were allowed in - they had a ball! Some of them ran and jumped in from half a block away!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Had company this evening, medicine lady Lydia..she had me in stitches..up later than usual and I'd starting to nod off but not before I say
be back early morning to re-read your posts and comment...
sleep well my friends, feel for you all who are dealing with this heat without a/c

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

From our daily paper :-) Will try to get out and enjoy the fun here .. here's hoping it is NOT 38C+ !!!!

Showing off some agility

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Thunder Bay border collies Jersey and Breeze, which can only be described as little balls of energy, showed off their agility during the National Agility Competition in Calgary on last week, and stood their ground.

Breeze placed fourth in the steeple chase, second in jumpers, fourth in standard, and fifth in jumpers, while Jersey placed second in standard.

Breeze‘s owner, Nancy Laser, said the competition in Calgary was stiff, with around 130 dogs competing in the 22-inch regular division. Breeze was right up there with the best of them.

“The difference between fourth place and first place is a couple tenths of a second,” Laser said.

“So we‘re right up there with the national team.”

“The top border collies in the country were there,” added Jessica Dubinsky, owner of six-year-old Jersey.

“People who are on the Canadian team and compete at the worlds were there, so we did pretty well.”

Laser and Dubinsky are no strangers to competition, having competed in Minneapolis. But to compete in the largest agility competition in Canada was an exciting experience, they agreed.

The decision to get involved in agility competitions was an easy one for Laser, who said she has always had a competitive spirit.

“I didn‘t like obedience but I wanted to do something with my dog,” she said.

“I decided to try (agility) with my first dog Gage, and I fell in love with it because it‘s not about what the dog looks like, it‘s how fast they go.”

For Dubinsky, it was Laser and her energetic pup Jersey that gave her the nudge to enter competitions.

“I had this energetic little puppy and I met Nancy at the dog park, and she told me to come to agility and try it out and I got hooked,” Dubinsky said.

Preparing for Calgary took a lot of hard work and devotion, they said.

Laser said preparing for an event as complex as a national competition requires as much training as possible, which means at least every second day.

The dog owners said positive reinforcement is necessary to prepare dogs for the national stage.

“The dogs are totally naked when they run,” Laser said.

“No collar, no leash and so the only thing you are left with is the relationship between you and your dog, and so it‘s important to keep it positive so that they want to work for you,” she explained.

“That is very important, too, the relationship you have with your dog,” Dubinsky added. “It‘s like you‘re running with your best friend and you really have a bond with them.”

Whether they are training or competing, the dogs seem to absolutely love it.

“They don‘t even need a reward,” Dubinsky said. “This is the reward for them. And you can see how happy they are. Even when you don‘t have a good run, you can see how happy it makes them to run.”

Thunder Bay residents will have an opportunity to see Breeze and Jersey in action Friday through Sunday at Chippewa Park where the Thunder Bay Agility Dogs will be hosting the Canadian Kennel Club Agility Trial and the North American Dog Agility Council Trial.

As it‘s the only local agility competition, Laser and Dubinsky said they are excited to participate and note it‘s fun to be a part of and to watch.

They said they would also like to see the sport grow in the region.

“When you connect with your dog, it‘s almost like you‘re dancing with your dog,” she said.

“It‘s so nice that they just read you and everything comes together in a run.”

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Can you hear the BIGGEST UGgggggggggg ever emanating from Thunder Bay !!!??? The air came on at 6am, got up with the dogs, opened the back door and was greated by thick fog and nary a BREATH of air moving about !!
We will all be SO happy when this heat and humidity disipates.

May have to re think the trip south to the border to pick up the parcels. It's only an hours drive, but right along the lake shore, so, the fog will be brutal if we go early.

Hope everyone enjoys their day ^_^


Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

BLAH .. double BLAH .. ahh what the hec .. make that a TRIPLE BLAH ... we hit almost 39C today .. tomorrow and Saturday 40 to 41C is predicted .. if this isn't Global warming, I do not know what is !!!
Poor folks here in Thunder Bay are actually RUNNING into Lake Superior to swim instead of stealthily creeping into its waters ..

The trip to the border was uneventful .. never seem to get a friendly border guard .. kind of aloof .. altho Lilly did make her smile a bit.

We are having yet ANOTHER stressful day with PIPER .. trying to train him is a chore fer sure .. cute as he is .. he is a little bug*er at times .. can I say that ?
Did manage to get his collar on today, and there it shall stay !!!

Best do a few minor chores before going bunkies ..

Take care


st.george, NB(Zone 5a)

Risk of frost tonight in NB. Can you believe that???
Wish I could stay up and watch the Perseid Meteors but it is a work day tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow night, besides it is cold tonight - only 9° now - I have all my windows closed. I could use just a little of the heat you guys are getting. Not seeing a lot of global warming here today.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

I feel so bad ladies, I just cant seem to keep up these days.. I try to read as much as I can and comment but wow theres so much to read...
I and the baby are doing well, not much computer time for me these days lol...


of course Allison (the dear wee one) is taking all your energy and time, she needs to gain all her strength to grow big and strong ^_^
Just make sure to get your sleep whenever she does lol

st.george, NB(Zone 5a)

Only 4° when I got up this morning - so we came pretty close to frost. Supposed to be 28° this afternoon though.

Victoria Harbour, ON

S T R A N G E weather indeed! I'm with "M" have A/C on, still humid..best we keep quiet, you just got to know what's coming next..Laurie, what perfect temp.'s you are having, warm during the day and yet cool at night..

I walked the gardens this morning and oh boy, all but done, just have to get more fall plants/shrubs put in so I can still enjoy the gardens until snow fall..mums that I planted from containers last year are already in full bloom..almost the only color left other than a lot of yellow..sad time isn't it when the gardens are finished..

You are such dog lovers and so involved in various training, showing and rescue, must give you such a feeling of satisfaction...I've got Sailor and it takes all my time to make sure I play and look after her well...felt guilty this morning, got the paper that came last night and read the headlines, seems they are looking for homes for puppies from the puppy mill they just closed..thinking of myself here when I say no more puppies, hard to travel and not be home..didn't even read the article because I know it would make me sick..some people..where are their heads! yesterday I managed to go and purchase an electric slipper set, going to try and keep Sailor shaven so she doesn't get all matted and pulling her hair out..comb her often but such thick hair on her haunches...

Gee whiz I'm in a glum mood today..

On the good side of things, I looked at the Canadian Tire flyer and they had inflatable row boats reg. $99.99 on for $29.99 trying to get rid of summer stock so I was at their door when it opened and bought some for the grandchildren..figured I could put Christmas wrap on them and there's another less gift I have to go find...

Jen, it's going to take some months for you to get into a schedule with Allison and regaining your strength..doesn't happen in a few weeks that's for sure..post when you can and add photo of that 'sweetie' from time to time..

Victoria Harbour, ON

Not sure if Canadian Tire flyer sales are same all over, but quite reasonable if you know anyone who may use one...


cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

she looks like shes up to no good lol

Thumbnail by smurf428

Wow Betty - quite some savings for a sales hound like me!
I like the camp stove/oven ^_^ ^_^

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Very cute!!
Looks like she has a green hand already!

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