Hacking a Rubbermaid 3746 Tall Vertical Shed

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

So you can put shelves in this thing if you don't own a weed eater, shovel or rake, as they take the room up where the shelves would go. Heck mine is full with 2 shovels, 1 electric weed eater, 3 leaf rakes, a few flower props and a lawn fertilizer. My hand trimmers, planting shovels and other necessary stuff doesn't fit.

The shed has no instructions for installing hangers, but I am thinking it must be possible, just needing to be done right. Anyone have experience with this?

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Dog,my shed is not rubbermaid,but it has indents in the side walls for the wire shelf,shelf has holes large enough for shovel handles and such,maybe use an old oven rack ?? if you can figure out how to attach it to the side walls ,without hurting anything.Just a suggestion hope it helps.

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

Umm forgot photo !!!

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