Euphorbia stellata

Decatur, GA

Here is a euphorbia that makes a caudex. I repotted this and lifted a lot of the stem above ground. Its another tiny one, about 2 inches above ground. Euphorbias are very touchy about water/heat - too dry, too wet, too hot and wet, too hot and dry - it seems any combination can cause them to collapse. It can be touch-and-go keeping them from rotting. I have lost more than I like to think about. And then in the winter, Nov-March they can sit dry and leafless without a problem.
Anyone else try Euphorbias much?

Thumbnail by helenchild
SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

I grow quite a few Euphorbias for the Garden where I volunteer, some w/caudexes and some without. I pretty much follow this website when it comes to getting questions answered about them:

Decatur, GA

Thanks faeden,
I use that site a lot for info and ID.
Here is another European site that has information with great pictures of specimens. I just checked and for some reason their online sales aren't available right now. When it is they include a lot of information about culture for individual plants . Check them later when they have plants for sale. Now the pictures in their gallery are pretty darn good.


SF Bay Area, CA(Zone 9b)

You're welcome. And thank YOU for the Exotica link. I like their pictures! Doubtful I'll ever order from them (too expensive) but as you said, great for reference.

Yardley, PA

I just love that plant.

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