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Perennials to be shipped to Hungary

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Hello Europeans!

I am looking for unusual perennial plants/rhizomes or bulbs at wholesale prices that can be
shipped to my mother in Hungary this fall and next Spring.
Must comply with Hungarian customs and restrictions on plant material.

Please respond to me here on Dave's Garden on this forum.


What are the Hungarian restrictions on plant material?

South Lake Tahoe, CA

United States has restrictions, such as live plants and a phyto certificate.
Unsure if there are any restrictions in UK to ship to Hungary.

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

If the plants are sent from a european country that's a EU member, there are hardly restrictions. There is no certificate needed. Only some very invasive plants might be forbidden. It's the same here in Belgium. Never had problems with customs and I had over 500 trades (mostly seeds, but also seedlings/ plants).
What is your mother looking for and in what quantities?


South Lake Tahoe, CA

Perennial plants that thrive in her region.
What do you have available?

Do you have a website that I can view?

The likelihood is there will be restrictions. Each country in the EU will have it's own lists due to soil and plant borne diseases, invasive plants etc, for example a few years ago (I haven't checked lately) the UK couldn't send out any Sorbus or Beta species seed or plants to anywhere outside the UK, this was just two among others on a list.

There are also major problems in transporting like or same species from one country to another which then interbreeds with the local populations and changes the gene pools.

Unless we're familiar with Hungary how do we know what thrives there? We really need you to tell us what you and your mother wants. Many members here aren't from wholesale nurseries but private gardeners and will need guidance from you for this enterprise.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Thanks for your messages.
I will ask her what varieties of perennials she is looking for.
Currently I am seeking non-evasive plants, with lovely scented blooms.
p.s. what are your names?

Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

Baa, the UK is not a EU member. Between EU countries there is free trading, also for seeds and plants. There are very few restrictions.

Babette, I don't sell plants myself. Sometimes I trade or sell seedlings (very small plants), when they come up in my garden or germinated too much in my containers.
I only send seedlings to EU member countries, so it won't be a problem to send to Hungary.
I'm NOT a wholesaler. I only trade or sell seedlings and seeds on a small scale.
This is my website www.seedsite.eu


The UK is most definitely a member state and has been since 1973.

Here is our page from the EU's own website


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Büllingen, Belgium(Zone 6b)

I'm ashamed Baa for that big mistake of me. Must be the fact they are not using the Euro......
But there are really very few restrictions inbetween EU countries. In Belgium there are just 8 species forbidden and in the EU there are very few restrictions also, mostly food crops. 99% of the seeds is free to trade within the EU.


I know that it's easier for the most part within the EU but I also happen to know there are still restrictions for many.

The UK has relatively few restrictions in comparison to many countries but they still exist. I found lists thanks to DEFRA, our food and fisheries government department, it's well worth anyone wanting to import making a call or accessing, should they exist, the website of their own government departments in this area is all I'm saying.

szarvas, Hungary

I imported seeds or bulbs from the U.S. or Asia - Japan Thailand.And never met any problems.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

I am traveling to Hungary tomorrow November 14, 2010 to be with my mother and family. I will be studying the Hungarian agricultural region for the best perennials for her garden.

Plus reviewing the recent toxic sludge spill and the restoration efforts in the nearby towns.

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