Dr William Sears Smoothie recipe

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Dr Sears, the famous pediatrician, has an article in this months Prevention Mag. Aug 2010. He writes that he developed this smoothie recipe while recuperating from colon cancer 14 yrs ago. He describes it as good for the gut & mental clarity. Well, mental clarity is a need of mine now that I am 62 yrs old. Foggy memory and sometimes only a brick wall when I attempt to 'recall'. I have been off sugar/ high carbs for about 3 months now & feeling mucho better w/out those things in my diet.
I take a high protein low carb (powder)mix in the AM. I am interested in this recipe but it has way too many fruits/sugars for me. Please comment on this smoothie recipe and what are the source/ingredients for the 'mental clarity'? I have all of the ingredients on hand but will not use that much fruit/fructose. I do not process sugars of any kind. thank you. mary

Dr Sears Smoothie for mental clarity & your gut

8 oz green vegetable juice or 4 Tbsp power greens w/ 8 oz water
8 oz carrot juice
8 oz pomegranate juice or grape juice or milk
2 c unsweetened greek style yogurt
1 c blueberries
1 c fruit frozen or fresh strawberries, papaya, mango, pineapple
2 kiwi fruits
2 oz tofu
c ground flax seed
c wheat germ
2 tsp cinnamon

Blender makes 64 oz

Dates, raisin, figs for xtra sweetness 1-2 T peanut buter
Milk instead of juice
Fresh spinach
Multi vitamin/mineral protein powder
1 Tbs sunflower seeds for Xtra Vit E

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Anything with antioxidants in it is good for mental clarity. From the recipe above, the top antioxidant foods are spinach, blueberries and strawberries. Raspberries, broccoli and cauliflower are others that are high in antioxidants. If you can't process sugars, you miss out on some of the foods that are highest in antioxidants. But you could make it up in spinach, broc, and cauliflower.

Basically just eating foods you know are healthy, particularly natural foods, will enhance your mentality as well as your overall physical wellness. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. are all good for your body and brain power. Fish Oil (Omega 3's) also helps mentality by helping to lower cholesterol and increase blood flow. More blood flow to your brain means more brain power.

Exercise is also good for increasing brain power. And Dr. Oz recommends an exercise that stimulates blood flow to the brain. He said we need to get up each morning and stand and stretch our hands down to the floor, lowering our head and letting the blood flow down to our heads. Hold the pose for a couple of minutes and then repeat the exercise. It's a brain booster. It's also great anytime of the day when you're feeling sluggish or sleepy.

Hope this helps.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I was gonna say, the stuff that Sears lists as this "or" that might be in there more to make it more palatable. Yogurt and flaxseed ARE good for your gut; blueberries (and unsweetened cranberries) are powerful anti-oxidants. Spinach and carrots (as well as some other specific veggies and fruits) ARE nutritional powerhouses, relative to other less useful foods. Some of his ingredients (raisins?) I don't follow. But some make sense, just I wouldn't eat them together. Cinnamon has a lot of interesting claims made as to its abilities these days.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

thank you. I will include blueberries & a bit of carrot juice, fresh spinach leaves in my smoothie tomorrow AM. I take omega 3's fish oil daily. I appreciate your feed back.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I'm no expert. Buy up some cranberries in Sept-Oct and freeze them as they are, n the bag. Not so much fructose and crammed with good stuff, as much as blueberries.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

great idea. Cranberries definetly within the OK range of my glycemic index. thank you. thank you carrielamont! I saved that interesting article of yours for future reference. I too love the uncooked orange/sassamanesh relish. I will try a batch of homemade sassamanesh sauce using 1 cup sugar less as you suggested. I love using BIG words! again, thank you.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)


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