hot papya at lowes

Hamilton, OH

i stopped in at lowes yesterday and they have a load of 2 gallon hot papayas... all nice and healthy. $12

They then had one plant that had enormous leaves as long and wide as my hand ... didn't look like any other of the echs they have in stock.. but wasn't in bloom.

might try and snag it to see what happens.

(Clint) Medina, TN(Zone 7b)

Hot Papaya is awesome. Mine are starting to bloom again. Can't go wrong with it.

Hamilton, OH

yeah.. i will probably pick one up... my quart i bought for the same price is still blooming after cutting off the first set of blooms.

go lowes!

Hamilton, OH

well i went to snag one and on closer inspection .. every single one had a bad case of eriophyid mites. Every bloom past the first set had the tell tail sign.

Spring City, TN

What telltale signs -- as I had one in my hand today and nearly put it in my buggy.... Put 9 Sonoma Black Eyed Susans for $3.33 each instead.... but was thinking about going back....

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