Is this a hollyhock?

Eunice, LA

I planted a creme de cassis hollyhock and this is what came up. It looks suspiciously like some other things I didn't plant, i.e. weeds, so I'm wondering if it should be pulled.

If it is indeed a hollyhock, should I stake it?

Thanks in advance,

Thumbnail by tathib
Keaau, HI

Kinda looks like an Amaranthus. Can you show a close-up of the flowers?

Eunice, LA

I can snap another photo when I get home. I know I didn't plant Amaranthus intentionally, but it doesn't mean they didn't send me the wrong thing or that it was mixed in with the topsoil.

Keaau, HI

It would be the type of Amaranth that is a weed rather than a cultivar.

Eunice, LA

I was afraid so... thank you.

Keaau, HI

You're very welcome!

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Tathib, did you by any chance, order your "hollyhock" as a bareroot plant? I ask because I ordered several hollyhock plants which arrived in the form of bareroots. They didn't come up either!

Eunice, LA

Yes. Bulbs or bare roots. I ordered from American meadows and they're supposedly giving me a full refund. Where did u get yours?

Intestingly, I got some black hollyhock nigra seeds that seem to have sprouted.

Cabin Creek, WV

Thats a weed, you should pull it up. Hollyhocks look like this:

Thumbnail by southernwv
Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Tathib, mine came from Spring Hill

Eunice, LA

It's long gone. I wish bulb and seed companies would post pics of the entire plant so we could see the foliage and know what to expect. For a novice, sometimes I envision a bushy plant with tiny flowers or more stalky plants with huge blooms and an surprised by what cones up. It is fun to an extent but... Maybe I'm off base and didn't research the right way but I just didn't know.

Thames, New Zealand

No not a holyhock. Looks like a weed to me too.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Hollyhock (alcea) comes in a bare root that looks like a small, thin, white carrot. They came banded like a bunch of carrots. The first year I planted them they came up but did not bloom. They bloomed the second year and died, like all biennials, but strew they seed around, so it still comes up for me every year, and something blooms. As far as I know, that is what it is supposed to do in its life cycle.

I won't plant it again, but I won't pull it when it grows. Bees like it, but the leaves are subject to a kind of unattractive "rust" in this part of the country.

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