Any one using Canon 7D help!!!!!

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I have just received the 7D and I am not impressed. I have been shooting for years . All canon slr then dslr. I have the 100 to 400 isl lens and have yet to take a decent picture with it. My older rebel xsi takes beautiful pictures with this lens. I tried my 100 macro lens. Still terrible pictures. The shutter is noisy compared to the XSI. Do you think I have a defective camera? I have the tamron 18 -250 and it can not focus with it either. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I haven't tried the 18-55 lens yet but i never use that lens. I have the 70-200L 4. i really haven't used that one much yet but it is not my most used lens. I use the 100-400 for the birds and the 100 for my flowers. these are my favorite lens. I was fixing to order the newer 70-2002.8 II lens but I'm not sure what to do. I am thinking of stepping up to the Mark 5.

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

Did you ever get this sorted out?

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Thanks for asking, sorry so long replying we were at the camp since Christmas.
I returned the 7D got the T2i and love it. I also got the 70-200 is 2.8 ll. I may try the 7D again in a few years or something a little larger. I like to hand hold so supporting a large camera and a large lens is tough with arthritic hands. My children got me a neat device for Christmas that helps take some of the support off my palm/thumb. It looks like a plastic gun-stock with a screw for mounting to camera or tripod mount on lens. It has taken some getting used to but has helped the hurting hands. He got it at Called stedi-stock I wouldn't recommend it to a professional but for those that have specific needs it works. I can't load their site today though. I have the 400mm lens and without IS I cannot handhold. I am hoping they will add IS to that lens soon. I will try the stedi-stock and see if my hand holds are better. This photo was taken today out the window of a truck hand holding with my 100-400IS with the T2i. I know it could be sharper but was a quick shot then he was gone.

Thumbnail by Riverland
Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

Well I'm glad you got things working for you.

I have the 7D, but not the big lenses (yet?). I have the 70-300 IS USM for my longer lens. It was a VERY difficult transition for me from a Pentax 100D super, but I'm doing better. I get frustrated because I want 500mm results out of it, Ha.

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