My mother has Spinal Stinosis very bad and needs surgery

Harleysville, PA

Does anyone know of someone that had or has lumbar spinal stinosis? My mother 73 can barely walk and the pain in her back and legs are very bad. After shots and PT nothing helped so now she is looking into surgery on her back. Lamenectomy I think is all she needs they do not feel a fusion is nessary at this time. Yhey say the surgery helps many people get rid of the pain in the legs.

Virginia Beach, VA

I am a retired OR nurse and had assisted in a lot of back problems. Did your Mom ever had the surgery? How is she doing now?


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

I just saw this post and am curious like bellieg as to if your mother had surgery. What is laminectomy? I have ankolosing Spondolitis Don't know how to spell it.

I guess I was lucky, many years ago, I am 72 now, but my spine fused 2 verts perfectly, on it's own, and I don't have that terrible pain any more. The dr. looked at my x-ray and said it was such a good fusion that he could barely see that they were 2 different verts on the film. But, that sure cured me. The pain was excruciating. The verts would slip out of alignment and pinch the spinal cord.

My niece in her early 30s, now has it real bad.

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