Unknown Amaryllis

Auburndale, FL(Zone 9a)

I recently purchased these Amaryllis bulbs online - I think there were five - and planted them using potting soil. Before I moved them to my sunny deck, I first acclimated them in the shade on my porch. My concern is that some of the stalks rotted away and I am not sure if new shoots are going to appear. This is my first time growing Amaryllis and any information would be helpful. I do not know what particular type of Amaryllis bulbs they are.

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Zephyrhills, FL

I suspect too much water around the bulbs. The roots may be rotted. I would dump the pot,clean the bulbs,and repot. You need to have a mix which drains well. I use a lot of perlite in my mixes,because the pots are outside. You know what kind of frog drowning rain we've been getting.

Auburndale, FL(Zone 9a)

I used something called ultimate potting mix from a garden center. I am not sure what is in it, but they said it was the best soil they had. I guess I can mix into it to make it drain better. Thanks for the info.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

These are bulbs, they have to be as well draining as you can get it. Since you've got the mulch on top I would water even less as this holds in a good amount of moisture.

This is what I use in my mix for my South American Amaryllids

1 Part Crushed Granite Pieces
1 Part Pro Bx Potting Mix
1 Part Perlite/Silica Sand Mix

I agree that you need to mix in some granite pieces into your potting mixture.

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