What a pleasant surprise!

Jeffersonville, IN(Zone 6b)

I got some double purple seeds on ebay, and I think the guy got his seeds mixed up, cause this definitely is a purple and yellow datura. :) Working hard to get this guy pollenated so that I'll have some seeds for it next year!

Thumbnail by indiana_lily
Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

What do you mean? I can't just take the seeds out of my spiky pods and sow them?

Jeffersonville, IN(Zone 6b)

At the time I made the post, I didn't have any pods on the plant -- that's why I said I was trying hard to get the flower pollenated so that I could have seeds.

Since you're in a much warmer climate than I am, you may very well be able to just sow them or let them self-seed. I can't because I'm only in zone 6b.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

Oh yea the regular old white ones grow here in the desert in areas that are sandy. They grow small and don't bloom that long like that without water, but they do grow here. I want to get the purple and purple yellow ones now. I have one that spread in a planter about 4 to 5 feet and 3 feet high.

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