On the way to Texas after a big job

Cave Creek, AZ

Hi everyone, Yea I could get into Dave's I remember my codes! We're in New Mexico and our cell phone doesn't work here. It's a big name carrier too!
I will be able to check my e mails now but still give me a few days.
We will be going to Moody Gardens as far as I know. For those who don't know this is oleander and plumeria heaven.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Ask Moody Gardens if they will take an order by e-mail and ship? Or is that just a place to look?

Inland S.E QLD , Australia

Mickey, If you find any Oleanders in bloom at Moody Gardens,which I'm guessing you surely will,can you please take pics and share them here...so we can all drool :0).

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

They had many nurseries listed and several did shipping. But I did not many of the names of the oleanders. Please go into Moody Gardens and look at their suppliers. Durio Nursery had a giant list but no photos. See if you can do better.

Cave Creek, AZ

Ok, I was able to remember my Dave's Gardens codes to get in on another computer. I brought an additional camera just to take photos of plants. If and I hope we do go the the Moody Gardens I will be taking photos. It's pretty hard to remember tthe name of the plants so I'll try to get photos of the signs to. As for the color...remember you have to calibrate the monitor for color every two weeks with a program for color calibration. LCD monitors stink for color work and they aren't making tube monitors any more. They are the best they say for color work.I'll do my best.
Oleander can not be legaly shipped to Arizona. It must be some kind of bug issue and the state is trying to protect the huge produce market.
I'm really not sure about cuttings. I don't think we have oleander catipillars yet in AZ. I have heard that there is a oleander gaul but I havn't seen it.
We also have the sharpshooter, a but that can damage the grave crops. It came in from California. They aren't easy to spot, they like to hide.
I'm hoping to try and pick up a few small plants (oleander) , small so incase I have to carry them into the hotel every night so they don't cook and I don't drive my husband nuts. A nice few cuttings ever once rooted work great. I think several of my cuttings flowered with in 1 year. The appleblosson that I bought was rather small this spring and it's a very nice size now. The flowers are very pretty too. Remember I am keeping all of my collection of doubles so far in pots. I may put some later in the ground. I also have others in the ground too but I gave up on plumeria and wanted some non stop flowers in the front of the house. Oleander have just greatly filled the bill.
For now,

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