Gardening by the Moon Calendar September 2010

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

September 2010

1st. Good Day For Planting Root Crops.

2nd-3rd Seeds Planted Now Tend To Rot In Ground.

4th-5th Fine Planting Days For Fall Potatoes, Turnips, Onions, Carrots, Beets, And Other Root Crops. Also Plant Seedbeds And Flower Gardens.

6th-9th A Most Barren Period, Best For Killing Plant Pests Or Doing Chores Around The Farm.

10th-11th Good Days For Planting Peas, Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers, And Other Above Ground Crops In Southern Florida, Texas, And California. Excellent For Sowing Grains, Hay, And Forage Crops. Plant Flowers.

12th-14th Excellent Time For Planting Above Ground Crops That Can Be Planted Now, Including Leafy Vegetables, Which Will Do Well. Start Seedbeds.

15th-16th Clear Fence Rows, Woodlots, And Fields, But Do No Planting.

17th-19th Any Above Ground Crops That Can Be Planted Now Will Do Well.

20th-21st Poor Planting Day. Kill Plant Pests.
22nd-23rd First Day Favorable For Planting Above Ground Crops. Second Day Favorable For Planting Root Crops. Both Days Are Good For Vine Crops.

24th-26th Seeds Planted Now Will Grow Poorly And Yield Little.

27th-28th Good Day For Planting Root Crops.

29th-30th Seeds Planted Now Tend To Rot In Ground.

North, TX

marking this spot so I can easily find it.

Thank you cristina!

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

It is so good hear from someone.

Thanks so much!

Sometime I feel that there is not movement in this thread, not any feedback and one wonders if one should continue posting .....

Once again, thanks, with your input, of course I'll continue on!

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

Cristina.... please continue posting!! I have just gotten interested in planting my the moon. Why I have no idea, as I know all my generations of relatives, applied this to their chores for the day!

My dh planted peas in June, when you said it was a good time to plant, and then planted some a week later. The peas planted under the right sign, are loaded with peas.. the other 2 rows are skimpy at best!

I may not be using the right terminology, but I want you to know I am finding this extremely interesting! I just wish I would have remembered as I planted bulbs yesterday.. and opps... sounds like i did a bad thing!!


North, TX

I was a bit surprised there wasn't activity here!

I can understand why that would be discouraging!

but great that you are going to carry on...

thank you!

North, TX

and thanks for sharing your planting experience Becky.

I think I planted my tomato seeds during the waning moon this spring... they were very skimpy too!

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

HI allwild!! I lurk more than anything... but I have a lot of forums I watch.... TX definitely one of them..LOL

My DH hasn't ever planted by the moon either, so that's why we wanted to make the experiment!

We used to have a hog farm in TN, and when it came time to cut the baby boy pigs, he always said... when the knife is sharp it's time to cut... even though some of the farmers would suggest at times.... we should wait till the signs were right. That was my first learning experience and started my questioning that those ol guys had to know something, cause sometimes the blood would be everywhere, and others they wouldn't hardly bleed. Sorry for being so descriptive!

Part of me wanted to dig those bulbs back up, and the hurting back said... nooo... it'll be another experiment..LOL

North, TX

Hi Becky! I get to hear all kinds of good stories from my dh, he was raised by his grandparents and they definitely had a certain way of farming! It is so interesting to hear all of those stories!! pigs, chickens, possums, squirells, wild greens.... it was all food! they too gardened by the moon to some extent.

my garden is an experiment too! LOL I just planted my garlic the other day..the 5th to be exact. it was after looking here :] and the chickens got in there and dug half of them up! I looked again on the 6th & it said 'most barren day' but I stuck them back in the ground anyway and put some netting around to keep them hens out! hahaha so it's an experiment too!

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

Those stories about the old days are the best!! I wish I had been more inquisitve in my younger days, cause now all of them are gone! My Momma is the only one I have left, and she has Alzheimer's, and sometimes remembers me and sometimes not, so all is lost in a way! I so regret that! I have some garlic I need to plant! Do you leave it in the ground all winter or what?

(Pony) Lakewood, WA(Zone 8a)

Becky! Hi! LOL no I am not stalking you. :p

I'm real curious about this planting by the moon- I'm going to try it as I start growing more veggies.

It's too early to plant garlic, Becky- better done in November- up to Thanksgiving. It stays in the ground until June or July depending on the variety.

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

Hey... NP if you are stalking me... cause we have fun together! Another thing we have in common I didn't know we had??..LOL

Garlic... tooo early to plant... depending on variety?? Now I am lost... but if anyone should know about garlic it should be you... the Garlic Queen..LOLOL

(Pony) Lakewood, WA(Zone 8a)

ROFL! Just plant it out when the weather is nice and chilly, but before it freezes hard. I usually plant mid-November.

There are a million and one varieties of garlic- and some mature a little faster than others. In early to mid summer is when they need harvesting. When the bottom leaves die back and leave just a couple green ones at the top, it's getting to be about the right time.

Also a consideration is whether you are growing hardneck or softneck- hardneck will put up a scape in the late spring that you need to cut off- and it can be eaten, by the way. Real tasty in a stir-fry.

Garlic queen.... *guffaw* Only when it comes to eating it! :D

North, TX

It sure is good to know that I have another month to try growing garlic.

All of the Tx gardeners I know plant in Sept. although usually mid Sept. I was just wanting a head start. It does overwinter well. Last year I planted in Sept and harvested at the end of May. It was a good crop. And we had a very cold winter here with several heavy snows, and more freezing temps than usual.

I plan on another planting when the moon is right at the end of this month.... but now I think I will try another bunch in November. ^_^

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

Well it is good for you!!..LOL

I have NO idea what kind I have... I got it at Lowes this spring, but they didn't make cloves of garlic like I buy in the store so I have no idea! Do all garlic make cloves? Maybe I had some kind of onion?

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

allwild.. I bet that was one reason mine didn't seem to do right... I didn't plant by the moon... I will learn.. I will..LOL

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

Is so good to see you all here!

I, now try to follow the moon with all my planting and the result is better flowers and more produce.

And do not worry, if I'm in DG's I'll continue posting any time that I can contribute in any thread, and by the end of the month the calendar for October will be posted.

(Becky) Colmesneil, TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks Cristina!! Now I won't worry, and I promise not to just lurk..LOL

(Pony) Lakewood, WA(Zone 8a)

I didn't even know this forum existed until last night- now I have it in my faves so I can keep track of it. Thank you for all your work with the calendars, Cristina!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Beck 5711 ~

I have some garlic I need to plant! Do you leave it in the ground all winter or what?
when the moon is right, put it in the ground. It will sprout when ready, mine begins to sprout in Oct and will grow thru winter. In the spring the tops lay down and you can harvest all or some of the bulbs. I leave mine inground year around as a perennial bed and they will multiply.

Only problem, this year I need to dig them up and relocate the bed. Any idea when the moon will be right for that?

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

for garlic you can move them the 23rd, then the 27th and the 28th .

Good luck!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks ~ I'll mark it on the calender and try for it.

Castelnau RB Pyrenée, France(Zone 8a)

I really appreciate your hard work on this forum too Cristina.
I've just bought some garlic to plant. It's an early variety to be planted in September or October. I came to check the moon situation and it looks as if I should wait til October now, so I'm eagerly awaiting your thread for October to see when to plant that and sow chard etc etc
Thanks again and hugs

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