Reducing Phone/Internet Bill

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I've been paying nearly $90/mo for my phone/DSL internet. Due to budget cuts, I lost my job last week. So I've been scrambling to find a way to reduce my monthly bills. My home phone is useless, and I thought years ago I'd get rid of it if I didn't need it for the internet. So today I'm shopping around for affordable internet that doesn't require an active phone. And I was told by an ATT representative that I could drop my phone and still keep my internet at the price I'm paying for the internet ($30/mo). So I'm going to do that and save $60 a month.

I also learned that I can transfer my home phone number to my cell phone (the cell costs me $100/YEAR). So I started that process. They said it could take 30 days, so I need to keep my home phone active during the process. When the process is complete, my home phone will be automatically disconnected.

The only downside of this transfer is that if I ever have to call 911, I'll have to be able to give them my address because the cell phone isn't capable of showing it (unless someone knows a trick I don't). Maybe technology will catch up in time. And maybe I'll never need to call 911; that's my goal anyway. :-)

So saving $60 a month is frugal living, huh? Having a cell phone (Tracfone) that costs only $100 a year is pretty good too, huh? Got the nice camera phone for free too. I rarely use the phone and have about 3000 minutes on it now. I hate phones and only have it for emergencies. And I never text. I can send a full page email quicker than I can text a sentence on that tiny little keyboard!

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