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Dayton, OH

I'm starting to get seeds from my larkspur's, am wondering when and how do you germinate them. I tried to gather some seed yesterday, but couldn't get ahold of any, they would fall apart whenever I would try to pick them. Does anyone have any infor. on how I can get these seeds?

Dayton ,Ohio
zone 5

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Delphi, IN

Hi Roseycats,
It is likely that September is too late for harvest of the larkspur seeds and that is why the pods fell apart when you tried to harvest. My plants generally bloom in May/June (same as your growing zone), and then seeds are ready to harvest by mid-July. Larkspur re-seeds, so whereever yours were planted, it is more than likely they will come up again in that spot next spring. In fact, as the weather cools, you may see some evidence of new seedlings emerge in autumn. These usually produce the nicest fullest plants in spring if they make it through the winter.

Generally for harvesting the seeds, I begin looking at them in July. As the pods begin to brown, I cut the whole pod with a couple inches of stem and just put them in paper bags. Usually within 3 or 4 weeks, they have dried and the seeds just begin falling out of the pods (if they haven't already started falling out when I harvest them).

Dayton, OH

Thanks TsFlowers
I'll remember this next year that is if my larkspurs make it through the winter.

Ossian, IN(Zone 5a)

I sowed larkspur last year and this EARLY spring I have tons, tons, tons, did I say tons of seedlings. No problem though because I love this plant and don't really have anything else to plant there. It's best to, after bloom, check consistently for drying seed pods in case you miss some later. Hope this helps!

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