Deer resistant ground cover for full sun?

Ashland, OR

Have many different varieties of Thyme; and also Woodruff; looking for suggestion of ground cover up to 6" tall but preferably lower for full sun. lists Phlox - emarald blue as deer resistant but I do NOT see that confirmed by other sites including which does list deer resistant plants. I have no affiliation with either website.

{{{Finally figured out why my deer eat the plants that are supposed to be deer resistant. It is not that they don't go to the same nurseries that I go to nor that they don't speak English. I've tried leaving copies of the printed lists of the plants that are deer resistant in different parts of my garden but that has never worked well. So this year I put things out in braille and that worked great!!! (My apologies if this "joke" is offensive to anyone who knows people who are blind, I do, and I don't mean to offend - just, as you know, the deer can be quite frustrating.) }}}}

Athens, OH

I conduct deer resistance studies in Ohio.
For a list of the plants we tested, check out

For a short ground cover for full sun try:
vinca minor
campanula garganica 'Dickson's Gold'
euphorbia myrsinites
lyimachia nummularia
sedum acre, 'Gold Mound', spurium, kamtschaticum
veronica prostrata
viola koreana

I have only tested phlox paniculata and it is not deer resistant.

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