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carnivorous plants outside perenials

Marks, MS(Zone 7b)

I recently read that plants such as fly traps, sundews, and some cobra plants are perenial here in the united states. I live in northern mississippi zone 7b. I would love to give it a try, but hate to waste the money only to have them die. Has anyone in this area, or in this climate ever done it? Did you suceed? Maybe you have some pictures of your carnivorous gardens? thanks.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Read this (it lists compatible plants!):

Arlington, TX

Arlington (Dallas) TX and I am growing them outside. The fly traps are looking a little hagard (not sure why) but the 2 species of pitcher plants are beautiful and all have overwintered here with no problem. I think the temps here are higher and humidity lower. You could easily grow some nice pitcher plants where you live and some others with a little more care. As long as they don't dry out and you give them distilled or rain water they are not difficult.

Thumbnail by newtonsthirdlaw
Tampa, FL(Zone 9b)

Sarracenia, Flytraps and temperate sundews must be grown outside (they grow in NC, SC, GA, AL, FL, MS, . . . and some further north). No excuses. They like the heat, humidity and handle snow and ice just fine. No freezing wind. For anyone in 7 or above the plants should be grown outside year round with little care except they need full sun and wet with rain water. People who live further north need to protect them in the winter.

I have all my Sarracenia, flytraps and temp sundews outside and they survived lots of freezes last year and grew better than ever this year.

My tropical sundews and pings grow on a sunny window My Nepenthes grow outside in the summer and inside during the winter.

I work as a volunteer Carnivorous caretaker at the local botanical garden and all my Sarracenia, venus flytraps and temp sundews are outside. They are growing and flowering beautifully.

Marks, MS(Zone 7b)

thanks for all the info guys 8-)

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