Bees disappeared

Los Gatos, CA

Hi all~

Well, I went to check my hive. It is a top bar hive and all the bees are gone. So far from researching things on the internet, I have deducted that they absconded! That they could not make a life in my hive and left. I have had them from about April and they were doing fine and growing. Last week I went to see them and they were all gone. The only thing that I can think of is that the hive was in a location that got too much sun. Any other ideas?

We are in California. Can I get new bees now or do I have to wait until next spring?

Redwood City, CA

Too bad about your hive. I'm not sure about replacing it now. My neighbor is a beekeeper and he seems to replace hives at different times of the year. But I'm guessing the experts would say that your bees have a better chance if replaced in early spring.

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