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Gardnerville, NV

Good morning, Everyone...Someone said that there are no dumb questions; that guy didn't know me.
OK...I have a yellow passion fruit, about two years old. I have seeds for a purple passion fruit, that I want to plant this year.
I would like to combine the two fruits into a third vine, and see if I could produce a larger fruit than the purple, and a sweeter fruit than the yellow.
Can one flowering vine pollinate the other and make a different fruit? What happens if you graft the yellow and the purple together? Are the two vines very closely related? Has anyone done this?
Thanks for any help,
jim Peterson

Xai Xai, Mozambique

i have never tried it, but it sounds interesting!! and its not a dumb question, Jim, i have asked

Laie, HI

Sometimes you see in Hawaii a ruby red flecked form of the yellow passion fruit. I presume that they are a cross of the yellow and purple. aloha

Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Hi, all.

Grafting 2 vines together will not produce a hybrid. Hybrids are produced by cross-polination. If you graft, you'll have 2 different vines growing on the same root stock.


Marquesas Islands, Polynesia (French)

Why would you pollinate anything to get a hybrid, instead of searching for it in the web first?

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Laie, HI

Noturf.....I am a bit out of latest news etc on this site as only pop in every so often....but who got the intercontinental blog award that you are showing on your site? aloha

Marquesas Islands, Polynesia (French)

Your humble servant, ALOHA.....SEARCH in the web.....that is what is for...

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Laie, HI

Well congratulations Noturf on your blog......but I am still searching for it. Getting into some interesting places but not yours. Please let me know your blog address so I can have a look. I lived in Samoa for several years so am interested in South Pacific gardens and Polynesian use of plants. aloha

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