Musa Velutina Germination

Irving, TX

I tried to germinate a few of these banana seeds in april and got absolutely nothing. I know I did a few things wrong, like using soil and not sterilizing the container. This is my first time germinating something really difficult. There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many different techniques people use to germinate, and on top of that banana is supposed to be tough right? There scarification, stratification, hot water soaks, acid soaks, sterilization to prevent fungus, heat, and then all of the different mediums you can use to start the seed in. What the heck do I do? I really wanna get banana sprouts in like three weeks, not in two years like some others get. What is the best growing medium? (i wanna try and be as cheap as I can) Do bananas benefit from stratification? How cold and how long? Can I do scarification, AND gibberellic acid? If I do acid, how much and how? could I still do hot water soaks if I use acid? Should I sterilize the seed in a bleach, or peroxide, solution? I was just gonna set em on top of the hot water heater for heat since that's really all I have, but it's in a dark place. would I be better off keeping them on a windowsill somewhere and sacrificing the heat? (north texas is usually 90+ so outside is probly not a good idea) GOSH @[email protected]! should I grow them in plastic baggies? or old lunch meat tupperware?

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

hi ilovemytiger..
coo that u are trying bananas from seed..i am too..this will be my 1st i dont know if i
have much helpful info for you.. there is a wealth of info on ..even a germination site there too..
all the people there are very helpful..
what im doing on my ensete..and musa seeds is i score them with a file..just to where i see some of the
white..inside of seed.. then soak them in spring water(non chlorinated) kept warm 78 degrees for 2 days..
i was going to seed them in sterlile coco coir..but i read where many people that start their own bananas
from seed..just put them in a paper towel..put in a baggie..and keep in warm area..and let them go..
checking that it does get to wet..or dry out.. im keeping mine at 82 degrees..
im with u too..i dont want to put out alot of $$$.. but this is fun..and i had great sucess with
bananas here in my gardens.. they got huge.. trying some banana seeds of plants
i cant find in the trade..
i hope you keep me posted on how things are going..
best of luck ~!~~~ dave

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