Barred Owl (Strix varia)

Dayton, TX

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Putnam County, IN(Zone 5b)

Sweet shot! Congrats!

Memphis, TN(Zone 7b)

I found a matching one on the ground last fall. I called all the wildlife places and they said that if I know where the nest is, to place the baby owl on that tree and it would probably climb back into the nest. Of course I couldn't find the nest, so I wrapped the baby owl in a towel and took it to the vet in my cat carrier. Raptors are protected species, so they had me fill out a form and sent it to a conservation place where they will teach it to fly and eventually set it out in the wild. I asked if I could follow the bird's progress, but there's a secrecy law of some sort and no communication is allowed.

Then the following week, late in the evening, after dark, a hawk was flying by carrying a baby owl in its claws and dropped it! So in the dark, while my friend was holding a flashlight, I climbed into the ditch full of poison ivy where the baby bird landed. By now I had plenty of experience handling baby owls. For safety, I threw a towel over it, before picking it up, but that was totally unnecessary because it wasn't upset, maybe stunned from the fall. It fell from the sky! The hawk was flying higher than the trees!!! But the bird was unharmed. Off we went to the same vet again in the cat carrier.

They had me fill out another form and additional information in case someone wanted to contact me about suspicious activity with protected raptors and where I was getting them. But no one ever contacted me.

And that's my story about my baby owls. :-) I'm not sure how to attach a picture here, but mine looks just like that.

Dayton, TX

When I first saw the owlet, I thought I saw another one perched up on a structure in the garden. In looking closer at the picture, I realize it was an adult owl, probably mom or dad of the owlet. And, does it look fierce!
Beverly A.

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