Eggs in compost and worms

Thousand Oaks, CA(Zone 10a)

Can I put whole uncooked eggs in my compost pile - or just the shells?
Do I put worms in my compost pile to help the process or do they miraculously appear by themselves?
Can ya tell I'm a real newbie at this?

Greeley, CO(Zone 5b)

I wouldn't put eggs for 2 reasons. 1st they will invite unwanted critters into you yard and 2nd it will stink if it does not get eaten. Crack the eggs and put the egg shells in alone.
As for worms, it depends. Do you want or have a "hot" pile. If the temps get too hot the worms will either leave or die. If your compost is cool enough the worms should come on their own if your compost pile is on the ground.
My pile sits at about 140 degrees and I don't think the worms like it that hot. If I am lucky it will sit at 180 on very warm days.
I hope that helps. Keep watching, I am sure you will get lots more answers from the more seasoned composters out there. You can also go through some older posts to find a whole bunch of great information.

Morrisville, PA(Zone 6b)

Question .... what if one hard boils the eggs? Would it be OK to add chopped up cook eggsto compost??

Thousand Oaks, CA(Zone 10a)

Onyxwar: Thank you. I've just purchased a tumbler it sits on a stand that allows you to tumble it. It's easy for me to use and so far I've no complaints. I just can't seem to get the equation right on the browns and greens. Working on it! I guess I'll have to get a thermometer to check the temp. I had an in ground small compost pile I started about 15 yrs ago, and worms came. Had the pile about 3 yrs but could no longer turn the earth with the big fork thing, and stopped composting.
Only me, DH deceased and kids grown and gone, so I only have coffee grounds, tea bags, vege scraps and eggs. I need to remember to buy only a half dozen, as I seem to always be tossing out eggs!

Merrymaqth: Good question! It would certainly solve my dilemma of haing too many. If I could use them hardboiled it would be perfect! I do get tired of tossing them down the drain and just using the shells....what a waste! Hope someone responds in the affirmative.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

In my worm bid, I put the shell half in whole. The new worms use them as an incubator. I found that out when i changed bins. Every egg shell had tiny little worms in them all huddled together. I live in Las Vegas and my bin is in the garage and they were not cold.

Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Keepingactive, I've always added eggs to my compost bins. I crumble the eggshells into shards. Often when I think the compost is otherwise finished, I find that the shell-shards are still only partially decomposed. I just leave them in the compost anyway. Calcium, don't you know!! On the occasions when I'm baking and have to discard unused extra yolks or whites, I just slip them into my compost bins. I'd do the same with extra cooked eggs. Don't have much trouble with varmints or bad smells, that I notice. This probably has something to do with the fact that my bins are covered and located some way from my house.

Oh Sharon, I LOVE that image of the little egg-shell incubator for your worms! Do they have proud papa-worms standing around and giving out tiny cigars ? ;-) Maybe only true compost-addicts would think this is so cute! I don't have a worm bin, but do have outdoor compost bins. I wonder if the egg-shell worm-nursery idea would work that well in a larger compost bin? Guess I could just try!

Onxywar, I am so jealous of your hot compost pile! Mine never gets that hot--though the stuff does eventually turn into compost; just takes longer. I do have lots of worms that migrate up from the earth.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

You are right Cape Cod, only us compost nuts would think that was cute. I have a bin for my worms and then I have a holding garden about 4' x 46'. I have areas, which are getting fewer, where I just dig a large hole, and dump in a bunch of scraps and then just over It is usually a hump about 1' above the soil level. That hump goes down so fast it is astonishing. This is a raised bed and I have been doing these holes for 8 years. I have many, many worms. I have a bed just like it on the other side of the property. I need to switch sides.

In the holes outside I throw in the avocado seeds along with the other scraps. I have 6 avocado trees growing in my garden compost pile. They lived through the winter. They are kind of cute. I think I am going to pot them up and sale them. They will not produce fruit but they look nice.
Have a great evening and tomorrow. Sharon

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I've only put eggs in my hot compost pile. Be sure to crack them. My son put some in one time and didn't crack them. He did burry them as instructed, though. I went to turn the pile, not realizing I had rotting,uncracked eggs in it - and my hoe touched and egg and it exploded with such force that stinky egg goo and the compost covering it flew at least 3 feet. Make you gag STINKY! I mixed it into the pile along with 3 others that I exploded, and after a few days, the pile went back to it's normal (for that stage), slightly amonia smell (HOT pile made from chickie poo and bedding).

Critters left my hot pile alone during the summer, but I wonder if they will move in for the winter?

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