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Two rookie questions about cannas

New Milford, CT

I grew some from seed this year. The seeds were kindly donated in a newbie packet and I don’t know what kind of cannas they’re supposed to be. The foliage was fantastic, some even growing 6 feet tall, but the flowers on every one of them were limited to skinny, string-like “petals” about 2” long at the most. Is there something special I should be doing to get the blooms I see in the photos on this forum?

Also, I have some in beds and some in pots. When I bring them in for the winter (I’m in Z5 and it’s gonna have to be soon), can I leave the potted ones in their pots, or do I have to take them out and store like I plan to for the ones in the beds?

Santa Rosa, CA(Zone 9a)

This is from yet another rookie, but you might consider the possibility that you got seeds from a Canna that has those particular sorts of blooms. A lot of my favorites do; species cannas tend to.


cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

there are some cannas that have the string petals.. My guess is thats what you have.. There are a few different flower shapes in cannas, only way to get a big bloom is to get a canna that has that bloom..

also yes you can leave them in pots or dig them out choice is yours

New Milford, CT

Ah ha! That makes me feel less like I goofed up somehow, knowing that they’re probably supposed to be that way! But now I must buy more of the kind that has big flowers like I see on this forum. :-) Oh, my wallet.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

Oh no get ready to spend, once you see some of the cannas available, theres no going back lol..

Lacey, WA

If I leave my Cannas in their pots do I bring them in the garage and leave to dry out for the winter? Or do I occcasionally water the pot? Any help would be appreciated. New to Cannas, have two "Tropicanna Gold" and"Tropicanna" a beautiful orange. I bought the orange one when it was in bloom and the Tropicanna Gold when it was all done blooming so have to wait to see the bloom. Thank you for your help.

cullman, AL(Zone 7b)

I think you have to water them occasionally.. I would think if the dirt dries out it will pull the moisture from the canna rhizome and once they dry out there no good..

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