My Night Cereus Bloomed from Sandy!!

Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

Sandy (Wren107) very generously shared a cutting with me a couple years ago. I just got my first bloom last night. I worked all day yesterday then went straight to a night class. So didn't think about it until early this morning. (I get up at 4:00 AM) Just before daylight, around 6:00, I thought about it. I ran out, right before heading off to work. And this is what I saw!:) Oh so pretty. I've seen gorgeous pictures others have shared. But nothing quite beats looking right at it. There are more little ones yet to bloom. I hope to be able to catch one at night when they are full open.
Thanks to Sandy for sharing!!

Thumbnail by PamelaQ
Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

Another shot.

Thumbnail by PamelaQ
Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

And just one more. Can you tell I'm excited?

Thumbnail by PamelaQ
Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

Here is what it looked like when I received it as a cutting from Sandy on Oct 30 2008. From start to this!

Fort Wayne, IN

Hurray!!! Congratulations. Sandy you are a gem.!!! PamelaQ keep sending pictures, that is so exciting.

Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

Sandy gave me several cuttings of Epis several years ago and I noticed yesterday that a NOID she sent me has really put on beautiful growth. It will be at blooming size now and I'm excited what this "purple NOID' turns out to be!! I have 12 buds on two older Queen of the Nights that will be blooming soon. Another bloomed earlier this early fall.

Thumbnail by orchidman1
Navarre, FL(Zone 8b)

WOW! That purple bloom sure is pretty! And yes Grace, Sandy is a gem.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Thank y'all Hopefully next year I will have more to share(love sharing) Mine have recovered for the last year when it get way to hot out in the shade house. Lose around 30 plants. Do to problems walking I missed the couple of mine than bloomed.


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