Autumn door swag help

Ffld County, CT(Zone 6b)

Hello all! I've never posted here on this forum, but I do read through for ideas - you guys are very creative! Now I need a bit of help please.

I sell cut flowers at the farmer's market. I have an abundance of chinese lanterns, and was thinking of using them in some kind of autumn-themed door swag. I've never made a wreath in my life, lol, so I thought the swag might be easier. I also don't want to spend much, since I don't know how they will sell.

So I'm looking for ideas of what to put in them. I had a bad season to start with, and don't grow a lot of "dried flower" type flowers. I really have nothing that I can think of to put in the swags, and also, am having trouble visualizing any flowers hanging upside down in the swag, lol!

I think I can get some garlic stalks, and perhaps some cornstalks, and I found some orange berries from lily of the valley in my garden, although they are short. I guess I could figure out some way to use acorns, and leaves (although I only have oak - blah! - no maples, sadly). I also have some wild grape vine (if I can reach it in the trees, lol) but I'm not sure how I would use it - can I use the leaves too? And lastly, I have a burning bush, but would the foliage hold up for a few weeks without water...?

So, any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm really jumping in blind here! And if anyone has any other ideas on how to use the chinese lanterns, please feel free to offer suggestions. Thank you!


Waterman, IL(Zone 5a)

There's a spray you can buy that helps preserve leaves in dried arrangements. The product isn't sold for that purpose, but it works. I've had dried arrangements last for a couple years. I bought it at JoAnn's Fabrics. It's for using on silk arrangements. I'm sorry I don't have a can of it now, so I can't tell you the name, but they must still carry it at the store. I don't know what's in that stuff, it doesn't smell too good either, but it works.

My arrangement was made in the fall, so I had to pick whatever fall color looked good at the time. Some of the material I used were iris seed pods, dried astilbe flowers, spirea and dogwood branches that had turned red, dried hygrangeas, and various grass plumes. I saw the arrangement several years after I made it and my boss still had it in her dining room.

If I go to town today for groceries I will stop at JoAnn's Fabrics to find it, and will let you know the name. I may pick up a can myself. Will get back to you.

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

You might consider lavender as well, it has a wonderful scent when dried and looks great hanging upside down. You can get white or blue and either would look good with the lanterns.
PT I will have to look for that spray as well I could sure use some.
Also if you have anything like eucalyptus or sage they both dry well and last forever and look good upside down.

Ffld County, CT(Zone 6b)

Thank you both again for your help. We don't have enough lavender (which is a great idea and one I will keep in mind for next year) but my friend has some of those money plants or silver dollar plants that we are going to use. We also did get some purple corn stalks, and some (I think) bittersweet berries, so I think we are all set for now. This is such a last minute project! I am going to keep some of the ideas above for next year, though, when we will have more time and hopefully more things planned out!


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