Thevia peruviana, yellow oleander

copenhagen, Denmark

I have this winter brought some seeds home to Copenhagen from Lanzerote.
Can somebody with experience tell me how my plants, Thevia peruviana, which now are about 35 cm heigh, get it trough the winter.
They have been standing and growing on my balcony all summer.
I will take them inside, but how do I threat them? Temp., water and so on.

Keaau, HI

Keep them in the sunniest / well lighted part of your house.

Water them sparingly during winter months. Do not let the soil stay saturated. Water freely during the growing season, but let the soil get a bit dry between waterings when the plants begin to flower.

Feed them a balanced liquid fertilizer at half strength every two months during winter months. Full strength, monthly during the growing season.

Don't let the temperature get below 55 degrees F / 13 degrees C.

If the plants have filled out their pots, transplant them to larger pots before setting them back outside for the growing season.

Hope that helps!

Aloha, Dave

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